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Thread: New Sig Please

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    Re: New Sig Please

    "Mr." wrote:

    If someone could get me one with Brady Quinn on it I would really appreciate it.
    "Mr." wrote:

    Could someone make me a Adrian Peterson Sig with a purple vikings theme?
    "Mr." wrote:

    Hey guys since my name is Mr. Minnesota could you get me a sig with the state of minnesota next to all the proffesional teams you know like the twins, timberwolves, vikings, and wild.

    Please that would be great
    This is exactly why I wouldn't have given you a name change!

    You are so quick to change your mind.

    In one sig request thread you have changed your mind 3 times as to what you want for a sig.

    If I was good enough & took the time to make sigs, I would be pissed & not fullfill your request.

    How do you think they would feel if they put a lot of time & effort in making a Quinn sig for you, only to find out you had changed your mind & no longer wanted a Quinn sig, but then wanted an Adrian Peterson sig instead?

    To make matters worse, now you don't want a Peterson sig but you want a Minnesota teams sig.

    How long is it going to be before you want your name changed from Mr.Minnesota to something else?

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: New Sig Please

    i think youre headed to p.p.o hell bud. so sorry
    woo out
    just two corn cobs shy of a bushel

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