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Thread: My New Sig

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    Re: My New Sig

    Sweet. Either way it looks good, but it seems like the purple backround takes away from the picture a little bit. IMO.

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    Re: My New Sig

    "digital420" wrote:
    ok here's a question.. which background is better?

    purple back ground

    white background

    and a new avatar i just started..
    Nice job! I actually like the purple background, but maybe make the purple a little bit lighter? Also sweet avatar it'll look awesome when finished.

    [move]My beautiful sig made by the one and only PPE![/move]

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    Re: My New Sig

    "SKOL" wrote:
    Sorry about the Emperor Palpatine crack...

    Is that you dude?

    that's childress in a viking helmet!!!

    hmm.. thought that one was easy..

    as for me..

    u'll get shots of me later when my dad send me the photo's of him and i at the xmass packer game... I was... well insolated with screwdrivers. from the parking lot.. so bare with me if i look... overly happy.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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