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Thread: lite rail?

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    lite rail?

    im just wondering if anyone else is taking the light rail, i am dont wanna cuz its like 15 stops before the metrodome, but i cant navigate through minneapolis to save my life. so jw Go Vikes
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    Re: lite rail?

    The light ril is not so bad and it beats having to drive and pay for parking
    especially if you don't know your way DT. Bus is another option but I would recommend using the LT over that. Wife and I are debting over the LT or parking a few blocks away and just walking in. There are some inexpensive lots that are only a block or 2 away from the expensive ones.

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    Re: lite rail?

    I don't mind Light Rail. I would rather take the Light Rail then take the Bus.

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    Re: lite rail?

    I'm driving to the LRT station right off of Hiawatha/55 and Lake Street.
    It's only three stops from the dome, parking is free, train only costs $2 and you don't have to drive downtown.

    You can't beat that.

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