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    Help with Avatar

    I read the instructions posted, but i dont think i quite got it. I want to use a the WSU warrior or W symbol for my avatar but am not sure how to set it up, if anyone could kind of walk me through it that would be a lil computer illiterate, i can type papers and go on the interenet and thats about all...its bad.

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    Re: Help with Avatar

    Just like I wrote:

    Second, once it is properly hosted you need to put the URL in the proper location in the avatar section of your profile: Link to off-site Avatar.
    It will look like: The size has to be less than 80x80 and 6 KB's. But, I have been able to use a larger size for some reason.

    Its gotta be a URL and within the size guidelines.

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    Re: Help with Avatar

    Alright, thanks Ill try and get it this time, i appreciate you taking the time to respond though ultra, i should have read more carefully.

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