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    Re: A Gearhead question...

    Yah okay

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    Re: A Gearhead question...

    Here's some diagnostic codes. Look up your particular engine..........

    Does the truck run & sound fine now? If it is, I'm wondering if it was reading that before you got it running & it hasn't reset or needs to be reset first.

    The knock sensor retards the timing if it picks up a knock until it goes away. If you don't have a knock & it's idling fine, I'm thinking things are fine.

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    Re: A Gearhead question...

    well im glad to see things worked out .

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    Re: A Gearhead question...

    "pack93z" wrote:
    Quick update... traced all the wiring through the truck after recieving a low voltage at the module, cleaned all connections of all the sensors and even at the computer... put it all back together and she fired up.. not sure where the issue was but as of about 9pm last night I am getting a code 43 which is the knock sensor, so going to trace that one down, clear it with either a new sensor or what not and should be done..

    To sum it up.. only thing I can think of was a bad connection someplace with low voltage issue and it cleared it..

    Thanks again.
    Hope it works Pack.
    It's amazing how electrical thing-a-ma-jigs (technical term) will act up due to a lousy, corroded connection!
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