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    Everything About Sigs, Avatars, and Pictures

    Since a lot of members have been asking lately how to insert signatures, avatars, and images I thought I would make a thread that explains this process:

    The easiest way to make an avatar is to find a pic on the net that you like. You need to have this image "hosted" by another site. Directly linking the URL for your avatar does not always work.

    First, I would go to or another free web hosting site, and sign up for a free account.
    You can then find a pic and upload it to photobucket. There it will be hosted. After it is hosted you can resize it to fit under your username without taking up half the screen.

    *Avatars have to be either in JPG or GIF format

    Second, once it is properly hosted you need to put the URL in the proper location in the avatar section of your profile: Link to off-site Avatar.
    It will look like: The size has to be less than 80x80 and 6 KB's.

    Find or create a pic and either host it or directly link the URL to your signature box in your profile.

    If you find a pick you like, here are the steps:
    1. Right click on the pic.
    2. Go to "Properties".
    3. Highlight the entire URL. (make sure you get it all).
    4. Right click again and choose "Copy".
    5. Go to the signature box in your profile.
    6. "Paste" that URL that you had copied and put it between these tags: "img" tags.
    There cannot be any spaces between the tags and the URL.

    Also, make sure your signature is turned on in your profile:
    Go in your profile.
    Go to "My preferences"
    Make sure it says "Yes"

    ***Take note: Webby has been asking members to resize the sigs. The bigger the sig, the more bandwidth. The more bandwidth, the more $$$.
    Please resize if your sig takes up half of the screen.
    The other mods or webby will let you know if your sig is too big.
    [size=18px]Sig dimensions cannot exceed 400 x 150.
    Size cannot exceed 20,000 bytes

    To include images in your posts, it follows the same principles as the sig.

    Find an image you want to put in your post. Do the same steps as the sig, copy the URL and such, then click this button which above the composition box.
    Then past the URL in the box.

    ***Note, some pics do not post to other sites for some reason. The best way to find out is after you compose your message with the pic, instead of clicking "Submit" click "Preview". If it does not show up, scrap it.

    I hope this helps some of you out. PM me if you have any questions.

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    Comments concerning signatures (sigs), avatars, and photos:

    Comments concerning signatures (sigs), avatars, and photos:

    Good programs to use.
    Photoshop (many versions available), not free.
    Paint Shop Pro, not free.
    U Lead GIF Animator, not free.

    Photoshop Elements.
    Not as expensive and easier

    and easier to use.

    *You can download trial versions of these applications.
    Some can be kind of complicated.

    You can post a new topic if you require any assistance.
    Some members are very good with these applications.
    I have Photoshop and U Lead.
    I will answer any questions you may have.
    I am still learning Photoshop myself.

    There are many members of PP.O who really enjoy making sigs for other users.
    Many of them will make you one if you ask kindly.
    It up to the member discretion whether they want to make one or not.
    Members who have been on the site for a while will most likely get preference.

    If you do request a sig, your best bet is not to be very picky.
    Just ask for a sig of a player or two and let the makers do their thing.
    Also, if you provide the pics to use that will greatly increase your chance of getting a sig made.

    But for sig makers:
    webby will back you if someone asks and doesn't have 150 posts.
    It's a part of personalizing yourself and your reputation here.

    4. Testing your new sig or avatar is not needed by making a "test" post.
    Once you change your sig or avatar, it goes with every post you ever made.
    Use me for example; if I change my sig right now, my very first (newb) post I ever made will have my new sig or avatar.

    When you change either in your profile, look back at a previous post, type a test post and click "Preview" instead of "Submit", or PM yourself.

    [size=18px]Sig dimensions cannot exceed 400 x 150.
    Size cannot exceed 20,000 bytes

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    Seriously does adding an avatar have to be such a process?? I go to my profile page and there is no where for me to add the link to my pic, i go to my signature area on my profile and cant add a link for my pic....can someone please tell me what I am doing i have to have "x" amount of posts before you can add an avy? cuz otherwise this makes no sense to me...

    Any help would be appreciated

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