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    Re: Changing Server.....What do you think?.

    "BadlandsViking" wrote:
    steal it from a neighbor
    It's not really stealing if they are broadcasting wireless internet signals through your house.
    (unless, of course, you have rigged a repeater to bring those signals in.)

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    Re: Changing Server.....What do you think?.

    Got a question for ya all.
    Right now I got DSL cable service from my local cable dealer. Besides my Internet serrvice, I have to pay $10 a month for basic internet to even get cable into my home. I use DirecTV for all my TV. Right now I have DSL that downloads 256Kbps for $21.95 month
    I can get 3 Mbps for $37.95 or
    6 Mbps for $49.95

    If I go to 3 Mbps will I be sorry I haven't got 6?
    I really don't download that much in the way of movies and such but I have noticed I cannot watch that illegal Vikes stuff with the slow connection I presently have. And certain other press conferences from stop and start all the time. Will 3 Kbps solve that?
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    Re: Changing Server.....What do you think?.

    Go with AT&T!!! (my mom works there!).
    But seriously, comcast is horrible!
    I, like you, am trying to find something to replace it with.
    I was on the phone yelling at them for 2 hours last weekend...they suck.

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    Re: Changing Server.....What do you think?.

    Never had a problem with Comcast Internet. And Love it. I had Qwest DSL and it Sucked. If it rained or was bad weathr I could guarentee that my internet would go down. They tried to say that it was my computer. But it worked fine any other time and it was a brand new computer. When I got Comcast very few problems and have been very helpful I have heard that Comcast has had customer service issues in the past with people but for us we have had them almost a year and a half and have yet to have a issue with them.

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