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    Can someone please help ME!!!!!!

    :evil: I have been trying to register to this great purple pride site for the past couple of weeks and everytime I go throught he whole process at the end it says that the anti robotic whatever is not allowing me to register. The last time I checked I am not a robot but would still love to join this great site, I am here almost everyday reading through the post's and everyone seems great and would love to join. Someone please help. My e-mail is [email protected], thanks

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    Can someone please help ME!!!!!!

    You're on now!!!

    It could've been your aol account. I read that they don't like yahoo, msn, ect... acounts to register.

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    Can someone please help ME!!!!!!

    If you have Norton Internet Security enabled or something like that, disable it. Sometimes their ad/image blocking goes too far.

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