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    What's with the black crow?

    I am honored to be a new member and this is my first post.
    My son-in-law, RK has inducted me into the solemn rites of being a member of the Purple Pride and a dedicated and loyal Viking Fan.
    May some of my uneducated thoughts be of some interest to the knowledgable veterans gathered here.
    Years ago I played (second team) under one of the great coaches of all time, Fritz Chrystler Sp? at the University of Michigan back in the early forties. Long past, so what?
    Well it gave me a sense of the effect a coach can have on a team.
    Now, about the black crow. In the last four games of our valiant Vikings I have noticed the presence of what appears to be a rather sad and disgruntled crow around the sidelines. There was the long beak black hat,a puffy black overcoat and two spindelly legs.I believe there was also a beard of some sort.
    The crow's relationship with the team seemed too distant, even critical at times. Not happy. What effect this might have had on the team I'm not sure.
    Any thoughts about the meaning of this from some of you veterans?

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    Re: What's with the black crow?

    Welcome to the site. RK is a great guy for inviting you to join us!

    Its time to eat that crow.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:What's with the black crow?

    The Black Crow :laugh:


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    Re:What's with the black crow?

    Welcome! As we both get through this maze just remember you always have a guy to look up to in me ;-). Too many Purple People!

    Here is a trophy for joining!:
    " resort to the classic lame duck defense of Super Bowl trophies." - Formo
    Only a Vikings fan would think they're pretty lame, huh? ;-)

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