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Thread: West Coast fan

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    Re: West Coast fan

    I feel your pain, i didn't know what Skol meant either and I have been a vikings fan since I was a baby...
    anyway, welcome!

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    Re: West Coast fan

    Welcome West Coast from the North Coast....O-H-I-O!

    Enjoy the site and the free beer!

    [img width=400 height=320][/img]

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    Re: West Coast fan

    I am in Central California now.....but, when I lived in Sac. I used to belong to the NCMVFC (Northern California Minnesota Vikings Fan Club).
    There is a large group of fans in Sacramento that watch all games at a local pub....
    They also went to the Seahawks and 49er game this year as a group....
    send me a private message and I will forward their contact info to you...

    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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