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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome to the site. Hope you get to that game, and have great fun.


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome PA PA PA to the best site around. SKOL and Post often
    I am THE #1 Sidney Rice #18 Fan ever! Don't Be surprised when this kid IS a superstar! He is humble, smart, tough, talented and has alot of character! Takes alot of pride in his work, team, fans and life. Watch out for this kid! I think he is awesome! Everytime he touches the ball its MAGIC!

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    "PA-PA-PA" wrote:
    What up everyone. I just signed up and this is the coolest site I have ever seen.

    We need more viking fans in California. There are too many Raider and Charger fans around here. HAHA. Last season we showed both these teams how it should be done.

    Hopefully we will see some more vikings fans around here during the 2008 season. We will see all you guys in Minnesota this season. Planning a trip for our first Viking home game this year.

    Cant wait for the season. Go Vikings.
    Welcome from a Central California Viking fan!

    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome to PP.O!

    We have some members here from California. More than you think

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome to PPO, PA-PA-PA, I too lived in Sacramento for some time, and went to college in San Diego.... ahhh California 8)

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    I thought this was kinda neat: I knew that R.K. and I lived in the same town, but had not gotten around to meeting him. I was wandering around my local Blockbuster the other day and I happened to see a little fella that goes to school and performs Taiko drumming with my daughter. I stopped and said hi and was introduced to a fellow that happened to be babysitting, or watching out for the little guy that day. Went on my way. So today, I decided to stop by R.K's studio to introduce myself and meet a fellow P.P.Oer. You guessed it, it was the guy I met at BlockBuster earlier. Small world. A real good guy and his pottery studio is pretty darn cool.
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome to the fun, Skoal


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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    I never post on this site but I'm a daily visitor and enjoy reading all the vikings chat.
    I used to Live in MN but now live in San Diego and have to go to the sports bar every sunday to see my vikes.
    Thanks to this forum I was notified of the NFL Replay game vs the chargers which I have to say was the greatest day of my life.
    Charger fans never go to the bar I go to, and that day there were so many of them. Last year I went to Dallas, bad choice, this year Im going to AZ, and still trying to work out a home game. If I do I'll have to come tailgate with you guys.

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Welcome to the boards!

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    Re: Vikes fans in CA

    Must suck to live in a high crime area with all those Raider fans!

    Well, you have us now!

    [img width=450 height=360][/img]

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