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    Re: Vikes fan since '69!

    "Slade" wrote:
    Welcome to PPO! To be 100% honest, I grew up a Cowboys fan & was a huge Herschel Walker supporter..followed him to Minny & just stayed ever since...I'm in Cali & cannot stand the Raida's or the Niners! Skol!
    Ironically, I'm married to a Cali girl who is a huge Niner fan.
    We both hate the Cowboys, but choosing to root for whoever you may wish is what makes America great!
    Thanks for the welcome, but I'd like to forget that rediculous Walker trade--wasn't the Vikes best moment.
    Go Vikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A good friend will help you move...a best friend will help you move a body.

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    Re: Vikes fan since '69!

    welcome to the site


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