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    Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's up everyone?

    I grew up in MN (Brainerd), but my wife and I moved out to Madison, WI school. We have lived out here for 2 years now and I am ready to get the hell out. Honestly, Madison is great, but the rest of the state sucks the big one. I have always been a HUGE Viking fan and of course hated the Packers, but since we moved out here........ My hatred for the Packers and my ridiculous need for consuming info about the Vikes has grown Exponentially. I knew a few Packer fans back in MN, but they are friends, so I cut them slack, over here, they get no slack. I have never met such an opinionated, under-informed, un-informed, brain washed, Favre loving bunch in my life and I care not to meet any worse.

    OK, that has been building, sorry!

    As far as myself and PP.O, I have been a member for nearly a year and have been using the site as a great information source as far as stories. In recent weeks though, I realized how much fun and information is available through the forums. Not to mention that a lot of you are even more obsessed than I am, which is hard to imagine. That is what is great about PP.O, it is just me and a bunch of like-minded obsessee's that have a great time and support the best team in the NFL at the same time!

    Well, hopefully I will get some responses to this rambling and I hope to meet some of you at a get together in the future. It shouldn't be too long before we can leave this state and get back to MN where the people dont' have their heads where the sun don't shine!

    Later, Damien

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    HMMMMM never been to Wisconsin (and not planning to go anytime soon), but the more I hear about it sounds like what we in Canada think about Ontario and in particular Toronto. Hope you get out soon Damien

    Like my POPEYE Tattoo says " I
    Y AM
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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice post, good to see another rabid fan posting their opinions.

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    My hometown is in Wisconsin, although i go to school in Minnesota. I dont understand the beef with the state though? Its not that terrible, sure i hate the Packers but I like my home state.

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also grew up in Minnesota and live in the land of cheese(only 10 miles in..but hey...cheese is cheese right?)...and I too grew up hating the Packers...I've found that the only thing Packers fans hate worse than a Vikings fan is a Vikings fan that represents. I have a Vikings mailbox, a Viking flag that goes up every Sunday...and I'm in the middle of turning my 1975 rv into a Vikings shrine and parking it in front of my house for all the paint sniffin' packer backers to stare at 24/7. Have fun with it just pisses em off even more.

    And welcome aboard fellow purple fan!

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I guess I am in the club with a couple of other people. I was born and raised in Minny and was drug here by my gf about 3 and a half years ago! I still hate the cheesedicks (even though my girlfriend is a packer backer, YUCK!!). I just try to keep it real in enemy territory!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome my friend!


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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome aboard!

    I'm another MN native Viking fan living in WI now, but right on the border.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are alot of us who feel the same way you do, but if you look you will find there are just as many Vikings fans here in Wisconsin. I live in a small town 40 miles north of Green Bay, I was shocked when I realized how many fans there were in this area.

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    Re: Trapped in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome aboard, sure you'll find plenty here to help your sanity !
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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