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Thread: Stoppin by

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    Re: Stoppin by

    So are you originally from Duluth and living in the Virgin Islands, or the other way around, or did you just put that for kicks?

    Either way, welcome to the site and post the crap out of it.
    MC's run away when I kick it
    They act so chicken, they should come with a large drink and a biscuit

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    Re: Stoppin by

    Haha I am from St. Cloud but live in Duluth.
    I just put Virgin Islands cause it sounds like a nice place to live.
    I should probably change that.
    This site is pretty sweet.
    I was at Viking Board for awhile and then I came across this one when they had a post about voting for the best Vikings site.
    They got some nice articles there but it's pretty nice around here.
    There's alot more going on in the message boards here.
    I think I might have to make myself comfortable.

    Are all the site articles under the columnist button?
    Theres alot here so im trying to familiarize myself.
    I keep hearing about free beer, I am kinda thirsty (and sober), any Mich Golden Light?
    Anywho the tylenol PM is kicking in.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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    Re: Stoppin by

    [img width=112 height=24][/img] to the site! Post often and remember us in the off season. Skol![img width=51 height=28][/img]
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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    Re: Stoppin by

    Welcome to the site, Billy Boy!
    In the P.J.'s, my blend tape plays, bullets are strays
    Young bitches is grazed
    Each block, is like a maze, full of black rats trapped
    Plus the Island is packed
    From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back, black

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    Re: Stoppin by

    Good luck in the site and post often. Skol

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    Re: Stoppin by

    Welcome and Skol!

    The have found the best Viking's site on the internet!

    [img width=400 height=320][/img]

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    Re: Stoppin by

    Welcome to the best Viking site on the internet, and I look forward to reading your posts for a long time!

    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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