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    Purple Dependency

    I found this website by searching "packers suck" on Google, and I'm glad I did.

    My step-father was a relentless Vikes fan from Minnesota with a tendenacy to lose control of his voice on any given Sunday. He would switch the channels during important plays, believing that this method brought good fortune to the team. My mother was a born-again Vikes fan, who, if the Vikes didn't perform to her taste, would throw beer bottles at the wall while yelling (and sometimes crying) in hopes of changing the immediate past. I don't believe these rituals ever really helped the Vikes, but I never dared to say different. This is how I was raised, and this is what I thought was right. After the unfortunate event of 98-99, they both lost all real emotion for football, and I found myself looking for someone to take their place. I then met my husband- Mr. ESPN. Though sometimes he accuses me of supporting the other team when I compliment them on a good pass/catch, we truly are a match made in heaven when it comes to watching football. During the game, he yells stats, I yell cuss words, and we both enjoy ripping Madden to pieces. There's just nothing quite like the silence that comes to our home after the Vikings have ripped our hearts out...or like the celebration that occurs when they have won us over once again.
    If only the football season were like hockey.

    Skol' Vikings!
    "Brett Favre threw that ball 95 miles an hour."
    - John Madden, November 21, 2005

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    Re: Purple Dependency

    Awesome righteousbabe, you are a lucky girl to have a found a guy that loves the Vikes as well! Welcome to the site, this place is the best hope you enjoy it!!

    [move]My beautiful sig made by the one and only PPE![/move]

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    Re: Purple Dependency

    Nice. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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    Re: Purple Dependency

    I also change channels during key plays with hope that I return to something good. It's hit or miss, but I do it anyway! Welcome and happy posting. SKOL VIKES! :grin:

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    Re: Purple Dependency

    Now that intro is really worthy of a beer; nice!

    Skol and welcome.

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