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    Not my first post, but I should say......

    Whatsssssssssss Uppppppppppppppp,

    VikingNed from Connecticut here,

    I may not post often, but trying to contribute more.....My spelling sucks, but I'm okay with that..

    What do you expect from a Concrete Carpenter anyway..

    Been a Viking Fan , and nothing but, since day one...

    Why?...Because when I joined the Town Pee Wee football league at the age of 6 , I played for the "West Hartford Vikings" Soon, some Sunday afternoon after that, my Dad was watching his Giants on TV....Yes I said TV....They had them back then...Black and White that is...

    I asked him was there a team named the Vikings, he said YES, the Minn., Vikings....I Replied "YES THATS MY TEAM"....He replied "OH MY GOD"......

    My wife Margie, is from the Philippines and Is also a Vikings Fan, she really enjoys the game and has learned much of how its played and the rules......My Son David is only 5 but already getting the Purple Fever.......

    Keep up the Great Job you all do here, and I'm proud to be a member here..

    Truly, VikingNed :thumbright:


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    Not my first post, but I should say......

    It's good to have you here ned!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Not my first post, but I should say......

    In case you never received one before:

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