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    Re: Noob here with a gift

    "marstc09" wrote:
    I so want one. Anyone want to go in on it? They are doing buy one get one half off.
    I am thinking about it. I will let you know next payday. Had to pay alot of bills this payday.

    Also if anyone wats to get anything from enter FSHIP in the promotion area and you get free ground shipping. I dont know how long it will last though.

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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    Re: Noob here with a gift

    Sorry I'm late!

    Douchebag Heckler: Your MOM'S late!

    (BBQ brutally murders Douchebag Heckler with a rusty railroad spike, much to the delight of everyone)


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    Re: Noob here with a gift

    Sweet wall man!


    [img width=450 height=360][/img]

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