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Thread: Nice to be here

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    Re: Nice to be here

    "Vikeman" wrote:
    "cunningham" wrote:
    I've bled purple since 97. My all time favorite will probably always be Randall Cunningham (hence the name). To this day I still consider him "The Original Purple Jesus". Of course, this will unfortunately bring up some sad 1998 memories for us all but it was by far my favorite season to be a Viking fan. I can safely say that even if the Vikings win 10 Super Bowls in a row, I'll still never forget it.

    I hope to find some good football chat here.
    Welcome and SKOL!
    '97 huh?
    Remember that playoff game at the Giants...Vikes down 22-13...1:30 on the clock...the Giants smokin' ceegars on the sideline...and then WHAM!!!
    That game propelled the Vikes into that '98 season...IMO.
    I remember that game quite well. I also remember Cunningham leading that comeback.

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    Re: Nice to be here

    Cunningham- Was a Giant nightmare for a long time LOL welcome to PPO!

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    Re: Nice to be here

    welcome to the site
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Nice to be here

    Welcome to PP.O


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Nice to be here

    Welcome to PP.O, cunningham!

    Glad to have you aboard.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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