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    Re: Newbie

    Well nice to see someone within the Vikes organisation taking an interest in the fanbase - and you've picked a good site to do that. The members here cover a huge geographic area and have varying levels of knowledge of the game and the team - but their enthusiasm is overwhelming and hope you'll see that from the various posts and threads on the board.
    Look forward to hearing some more back from you!
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    Re: Newbie

    "CTVikingfan" wrote:
    Marketing? Really I was not sure the Vikings had a Marketing Department. Sorry Hope I didnt hurt your feelings. I went to the mall of America on sunday after the game you would think with the chance that we could win the NFC North there would be Shirts and hats ready for sale. I went to the Vikings Locker room not only was there no NFC North Champ Merch but the store was Empty nothing in there. now had it been that there was a Mad rush in the store I could understand. The people working there said that they have not had any Merh for weeks Even before the Christmas Rush. That makes no sense. I wanted to buy things to bring home and I was not going to buy a screen print Jersey at the dome or 110 or 85. Give people a decent price dont try and gouge them while they are at the Dome. Sell the screen print jerseys for the same price at the dome as any where else and you would sell Three or four times as many. Sell real Jerseys for the Same price at the Dome as you do elsewhere and you will sell two to four times as many. People know when they are getting screwed. The last thing the Marketing Department wants to do is chase fans away. We want to stay in Minny. Atleast I do. Do the right thing by the fans and watch sales grow. Keep gouging people and they will get tired of it and Move on. Just My Opinion. Fan From Connecticut who Bought Nothing from the Dome except a marked down Sweatshirt.
    How To Give Constructive Criticism
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome to PP.O


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Newbie

    "MNVikings" wrote:
    I'm the Marketing Manger at the Vikings.
    I'll admit I'm pretty new to the social networking scene, but I'm a fast learner.
    It's important to me that we connect with our fans, so I'm here to talk directly with fans, and hear your advise and comments.
    It's obvious that fans like you guys are some of our most dedicated.
    So please let me know your thoughts!
    Get your ass back to the site and market a little.
    It's a looooooooooooooong offseason.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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