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Thread: Newbie

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    Re: Newbie

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    I lived in Minnesota when the Vikings played their first game against the Chicago Bears and WON! During the early years I watched my fair share of games in old Met Stadium.
    I moved away about 15 years ago but my loyalities have never wavered. I now live in northern Kentucky, about 45 miles from Cincinnati and people think I'm nuts when they see my Viking stickers and T-shirts and sweat shirts.
    And yes, I already got tickets for the Vikings/Bengals game this fall. It's the Bengels home opener and I will be there to cheer the Vikes on!
    Welcome to the site!
    BTW: I'll be at the game too, but i need to find someone with decent seats who is willing to give up the home opener!

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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome COJOMAY from another old-timer. I remember all the way back to the days of Gary Cuozzo, Ed Sharockman, Gene Washington, et al... Good to have you aboard.
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    Re: Newbie

    I am also a newbie...Lived in MN most of my life die hard VIKES fan and North live in WI an hour or so out of gbay...I love this site and feel like i am at home here!! Thanks!
    Any word on Erasmus james???

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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome everyone!

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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome Coj, glad to have you aboard!
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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