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    Re: New Mexican Purple Pride

    Hey, welcome... I'm also in ABQ.

    And regarding a good place to go watch games...before our kid came along and I got the Sunday Ticket I used to go to Sneakers sports bar on San Mateo near Montgomery. There usually are quite a few Vikes fans hanging out...
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    Re: New Mexican Purple Pride

    "hovan" wrote:
    "DesertPurple" wrote:

    As for Mr. Ramah....I am languishing in Grants...where the only "sports bar" in town opens at 4:30 PM. Since I am unwilling to fork out the $200+ to Direct-TV for the only NFL TV package available, I am at the mercy of ABQ programming unless !
    Grants? What are you doing there? I actually havn't been there, when I go camping on my property and I need some groceries I head up to Gallup. I didn't think Grants was that big, and with the sportsbar only opening after 4:30, it can't be. We will be future neighbors.
    Ah the things we do for love! I will probably be here another 5 yrs after which we will hopefully return to the Great White North! Grants is about 11,000 in population. Fortunately the hospital in which I practice is quite new and progressive...unlike the rest of the town. I need to get out and spend some time in the Zuni mountain area and....I understand....there are actually some real lakes with WALLEYE a bit south and along the Arizona border. I did get to dip a line with my bro up in the Superior National Forest this summer....refreshed my spirit but made me miss Minnesota even more.
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