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    New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 7 Darrin Nelson RB Stanford

    Nice catch.
    Too Small.
    Average player.

    2 39 Terry Tausch G Texas

    I think he is suing the NFL for postconcussive syndrome
    4 92 Jim Fahnhorst ILB Minnesota
    Don’t recall him.
    6 147 Greg Storr LB Boston College Don’t recall him.
    7 179 Steve Jordan TE Brown

    Perhaps the best Vikings TE ever.

    8 206 Kirk Harmon LB Pacific Don’t remember him.

    9 233 Bryan Howard DB Tennessee State Don’t remember.

    10 260 Gerald Lucear WR Temple DK
    11 286 Curtis Rouse G Tenn. -Chattanooga DK
    12 318 Hobson Milner RB Cincinnati DK


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 19 Joey Browner S Southern California Absolutely fantastic for a time.

    3 73 Walker Ashley ILB Penn State
    Very average.
    1 play I can remember.

    4 100 Mark Rush RB Miami DK
    5 127 Mark Stewart LB Washington DK
    6 159 Mike Jones WR Tennessee State
    The first of the Mike Jones trilogy
    7 186 Carl Lee CB Marshall
    Very good cornerback.
    8 213 Norris Brown TE Georgia DK
    9 239 Rod Achter WR Toledo DK
    10 255 Melvin Brown DB Mississippi DK
    10 266 Walter Tate C Tennessee State DK
    11 298 Brian Butcher G Clemson DK
    12 325 Maurice Turner RB Utah State DK


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 13 Keith Millard DT Washington State
    Absolute terror until he tried to hurdle that Bucs lineman.
    Also, had to wait for him.
    Went USFL first.

    3 67 Alfred Anderson RB Baylor

    Serviceable, but not great.
    Jerry Burns loved him until he ran out of his shoe.

    5 140 Allen Rice RB Baylor
    We just had to have two backs from that NCAA powerhouse Baylor.
    But, Rice was pretty good too.

    6 154 Dwight Collins WR Pittsburgh DK
    7 180 John Haines DT Texas DK
    7 196 Loyd Lewis G Texas A&M-Kingsville DK
    8 208 Paul Sverchek DT Cal Poly-SLO DK
    9 235 Keith Kidd WR Arkansas
    One of the NBA’s greatest guards…oops, wrong Kidd
    10 268 James Spencer LB Oklahoma State dk
    11 295 Edgar Pickett LB Clemson dk
    11 308 Lawrence Thompson WR Miami dk
    12 321 Mike Jones RB North Carolina A&T
    At this point, they were all so intoxicated that it seemed like a really cool idea to draft another guy named Mike Jones.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 4 Chris Doleman DE Pittsburgh This guy was a terrible linebacker, but a pretty darn good DE.
    2 30 Issiac Holt CB Alcorn State Always exciting to watch.
    If a ball was thrown his way, he would either intercept it and go for a touchdown or the other team would.

    3 59 Kirk Lowdermilk C Ohio State Great player.

    3 60 Tim Meamber LB Washington I don’t remeamber him.
    3 66 Tim Long T Memphis
    4 85 Buster Rhymes WR Oklahoma Before his music career got started, this guy was pretty exciting to watch running back kickoffs.
    Think he had some alcohol-related issues.

    4 106 Kyle Morrell DB Brigham Young dk
    5 115 Mark MacDonald G Boston College dk
    6 142 Steve Bono QB UCLA Played great for SF years later.
    6 164 Tim Newton DT Florida
    The Icebox.
    Decent value considering he was a sixth round pick.
    Later drove the car for Nate on “vacations” to Mexico.
    Alright, just kidding, he didn’t really do that.

    8 198 Nikita Blair LB Texas-El Paso
    Matt Blair’s daughter.
    9 227 Jaime Covington RB Syracuse dk
    10 254 Juan Johnson WR Langston, Okla.
    Isn’t Juan Spanish for John.
    I think his real name is Juan Jaunson.

    11 283 Tim Williams DB North Carolina A&T dk
    12 310 Byron Jones NT Tulsa Since there was no Mike Jones available in the draft this year, the best they could do is make sure they drafted another Jones.
    Byron’s middle name is Mike.
    Ok, not really.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 14 Gerald Robinson DE Auburn If I recall, he showed some potential early, but broke his leg or something.
    An early version of Erasmus and Kenechi.

    4 93 Joe Phillips DT Southern Methodist
    Seems like he played relatively well for another team, but I could be wrong on this.
    Perhaps the first in a line of Viking DT picks who went on to play better for other teams.

    5 120 Hassan Jones WR Florida State The man who would ensure that Cris Carter would NEVER start for this team.
    He was a very good wide receiver, but injury prone.
    Sorta the receiver that I thought Nate Burleson could someday be.
    Also, maintains the Jones streak.
    6 147 Thomas Rooks RB Illinois dk
    7 179 Carl Hilton TE Houston A stretch even in the 7th round.

    8 206 Gary Schippang T West Chester dk
    9 232 Mike Slaton DB South Dakota I am from South Dakota and never heard of this guy.
    10 259 Joe Cormier LB Southern California dk
    11 286 John Armstrong DB Ripon dk
    12 318 Jesse Solomon MLB Florida State Jesse was one of my favorite players for the Vikings.
    Just a sparkplug and full of energy.
    Got screwed in the Hersch deal.
    Great value in the 12th round.
    These days, he might have not even had a chance.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 14 D. J.
    Dozier RB Penn State BUST.
    2 44 Ray Berry OLB Baylor I think he did okay, but a bit of a stretch for round 2.

    3 72 Henry Thomas NT Louisiana State What a great player Hank became.
    Great pick.

    4 100 Najee Mustafaa CB Georgia Tech This is the dude who had a different name when he came into the league.
    Had a great interception to help upset the 49’ers before the great choke in DC.
    Say it again, it gives me the chills.
    (random reference to the Lion King).

    6 156 Greg Richardson WR Alabama dk
    8 211 Rick Fenney RB Washington Turned out to be good value as an 8th round pick, until they eventually ended up overpaying him.

    9 239 Leonard Jones DB Texas Tech
    The Jones streak is alive.
    Pop a brewski.
    10 267 Bob Riley T Indiana dk
    11 295 Brent Pease QB Montana dk
    12 323 Keith Williams DT Florida dk


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 19 Randall McDaniel G Arizona State Hall of Fame.
    Great Pick.

    2 54 Brad Edwards DB South Carolina Bust.
    3 71 Al Noga DE Hawaii Managed to make a number of sacks in his career.
    Allegedly part of the Samoan mafia…I think.

    4 108 Todd Kalis G Arizona State
    This guy ended up going to greener pastures with Zimmerman in Denver, I think.

    5 124 Darrell Fullington S Miami Why have we had very few successful players from Miami?
    6 164 Derrick White DB Oklahoma dk
    7 183 Brad Beckman TE Nebraska-Omaha dk
    8 210 Joe Cain OLB Oregon Tech dk
    9 237 Paul McGowan LB Florida State dk
    10 264 Brian Habib G Washington
    Or was this the guy who ended up with Denver in the Super Bowl?
    11 296 Norman Floyd DB South Carolina At this point, you realize that the Jones streak has stopped.
    To adjust for this, the Vikings decided to give all of their first round picks for a few seasons to Jerry Jones for some guy who did a lot of situps everyday and wanted to be an FBI agent.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    2 52 David Braxton OLB Wake Forest
    Oh my, how is that Herschel trade working out for you?
    Now was this the year they used that pick on Emmitt?
    3 80 John Hunter T Brigham Young I am looking at all of these name from this year, and it turns out that not only did the Vikings not have a clue about trades, but they didn’t draft worth a darn either.
    This whole year looks to have been a bust

    4 108 Darryl Ingram TE California
    6 163 Jeff Mickel T Eastern Washington
    7 191 Benji Roland DT Auburn
    8 219 Alex Stewart DE Cal State-Fullerton
    11 303 Brad Baxter RB Alabama State
    12 331 Shawn Woodson LB James Madison
    12 335 Everett Ross WR Ohio State


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    3 54 Mike Jones TE Texas A&M
    Already drunk before their first pick, the Vikings brass decide to revive the old “draft Mike Jones” gag.

    3 74 Marion Hobby DE Tennessee
    4 104 Alonzo Hampton CB Pittsburgh
    5 116 Reggie Thornton WR Bowling Green
    5 131 Cedric Smith RB Florida
    7 188 John Levelis LB C. W.
    8 214 Craig Schlichting DE Wyoming
    9 241 Terry Allen RB Clemson
    The only value pick that I can discern in the last two drafts.
    A great player with really bad knees.
    Eventually screwed over by the Vikings.
    Meanwhile, “How about them Cowboys. ”
    10 249 Pat Newman WR Utah State
    10 271 Donald Smith DB Liberty
    12 324 Ron Goetz LB Minnesota


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    3 65 Carlos Jenkins OLB Michigan State
    Carlos made a few great plays…which is more than I can say for Broderick Thomas.

    3 68 Jake Reed WR Grambling The man who caught with his forearms.
    Most famous for being his little brother’s brother.
    But, we would be glad to have a Jake Reed on the current team.

    4 92 Randy Baldwin RB Mississippi dk
    5 119 Chris Thome C Minnesota dk
    6 163 Todd Scott DB Louisiana-Lafayette
    The slowest man ever to play DB and start in the NFL.
    Actually, played above his head, and he sparked one of the coolest comebacks ever against the bears.
    7 179 Scotty Reagan DT Humboldt State dk
    7 180 Tripp Welborne DB Michigan dk
    8 206 Reggie Johnson DE Arizona dk
    9 232 Gerald Hudson RB Oklahoma State dk
    10 259 Brady Pierce T Wisconsin dk
    11 286 Ivan Caesar OLB Boston College
    12 313 Darren Hughes WR Carson-Newman dk
    A Jones-free year.
    Hershel sucks.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    2 39 Robert Harris DE Southern U.
    Never showed more than potential.
    4 98 Roy Barker DE North Carolina Turned out to be a decent pick, but best plays came for 49ers.
    5 125 Ed McDaniel OLB Clemson Just an absolutely great pick.

    6 152 Mike Gaddis RB Oklahoma dk
    7 183 David Wilson DB California dk
    8 210 Luke Fisher TE East Carolina dk
    9 227 Brad Johnson QB Florida State Say what you want, but this was a good pick and BJ definitely made a mark in the NFL.

    9 237 Ronnie West RB Pittsburg, Kan.
    10 264 Brad Culpepper DT Florida Another great pick this year.

    11 295 Charles Evans RB Clark Atlanta
    Good old Chuck.
    Turned out to be a Billick favorite and had a decent career.

    12 322 Joe Randolph WR Elon Another Jones free year.
    At this point it was clear that the Herschel deal was bad.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 21 Robert Smith RB Ohio State Great player.

    2 52 Qadry Ismail WR Syracuse Very good player.

    3 57 John Gerak TE Penn State A decent player, but seems a stretch in round 3.
    3 79 Gilbert Brown NT Kansas Played very well…. for the Packers.
    4 106 Ashley Sheppard OLB Clemson Never really played as well as expected, but was just a fourth rounder.

    5 133 Everett Lindsay T Mississippi Good value pick.
    Had a very nice career.
    7 192 Gino Torretta QB Miami
    Okay, I admit it.
    I thought this guy was underrated.
    Even as a 7th rounder, he was overrated.

    The Vikings vow to never draft another Jones.
    Also, they ban beer from the war room.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 18 DeWayne Washington CB North Carolina State
    Good player.
    Average career.
    As noted earlier, had no clue how to defend on 3rd down against Herman Moore.
    Thanks Tony Dungy.

    1 19 Todd Steussie T California Did better on steroids.

    2 40 David Palmer RB Alabama What a fun player to watch, but mostly a return specialist and a bit of a stretch.

    2 55 Fernando Smith DE Jackson State Stuck around for a while.
    Something weird happened with him, but I forget what.

    4 125 Mike Wells DT Iowa Ended up playing well (ha ha) for somebody else.

    5 134 Shelly Hammonds DB Penn State
    6 179 Andrew Jordan TE Western Carolina Turned out to be a decent player given the round selected.

    7 211 Pete Bercich LB Notre Dame A serviceable special teams player.
    Another Jones-free year.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 11 Derrick Alexander DE Florida State Must I say again that we could’ve had Sapp here, but he had to go light it up before the draft and get in trouble.

    1 24 Korey Stringer T Ohio State A tragedy.

    2 42 Orlando Thomas FS Louisiana-Lafayette This guys named changed from Orlando to Orlanda to Orlando on a frequent basis.
    Good player overall.

    2 55 Corey Fuller CB Florida State One of the greatest hits I have ever seen during a December game against Green Bay a few years ago.
    Promptly traded to the Browns after that.

    4 111 Chad May QB Kansas State See Gino Toretta.
    I am so STUPID.
    5 157 James Stewart RB Miami Stiffer than a wet sock in December.
    6 189 John Solomon LB Sam Houston State
    7 232 Jose White DT Howard
    7 243 Jason Fisk NT Stanford A value pick here.
    No Jones.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 16 Duane Clemons DE California Never really made an impact.
    In the mold of Derrick Alexander and the yet to come James and Udezi.

    2 45 James Manley DT Vanderbilt I remember this pick being called a stretch at the time.
    3 75 Moe Williams RB Kentucky
    Moe played about as well as is expected of a third round back.

    4 97 Hunter Goodwin TE Texas A&M Not a bad pick.
    5 148 Sean Boyd DB North Carolina who
    7 223 Jon Merrill G Duke who
    No Jones.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 20 Dwayne Rudd OLB Alabama Sucked.
    2 49 Torrian Gray DB Virginia Tech Sucked.
    3 78 Stalin Colinet DE Boston College Sucked.
    4 113 Antonio Banks FS Virginia Tech Obviously, the scouting trip to Virginia Tech’s pro day went as well as a Colorado Buffaloes recruiting party.
    5 151 Tony Williams DT Memphis Good value here.
    6 183 Robert Tate CB Cincinnati
    Hold on, this is revisionist history.
    Dude was a wide receiver first.
    I think he is still in the league.
    Apparently Denny’s son.
    7 220 Artie Ulmer OLB Valdosta State
    7 235 Matthew Hatchette WR Langston, Okla.
    Showed some flashes, and he had a decent career given his draft number.
    Again, no Joneses.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 21 Randy Moss WR Marshall
    OMG, the Freak.

    2 51 Kailee Wong ILB Stanford
    Denny’s other son.
    Played well for the Texans.

    3 80 Ramos McDonald CB New Mexico
    Dude sucked.
    Always cringed when he was in the game.

    4 110 Kivuusama Mays LB North Carolina
    Ooo, say it again.

    5 144 Kerry Cooks S Iowa

    6 173 Matt Birk C Harvard
    Dateline, November 2020:
    Matt Birk elected Governor of Minnesota.
    Great pick.
    7 208 Chester Burnett LB Arizona
    7 225 Tony Darden CB Texas Tech


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 11 Daunte Culpepper QB Central Florida
    I think a decent player given appropriate coaching and Randy Moss.
    Smallest hands this side of Mini Me.

    1 29 Dimitrius Underwood DT Michigan State
    2 44 Jim Kleinsasser TE North Dakota Would’ve made an all-pro guard.
    4 120 Kenny Wright CB Northwestern State, La.
    Still playing somewhere.

    4 125 Jay Humphrey T Texas
    5 169 Chris Jones S Clemson
    Okay, they figured that this was their year.
    The Joneses are back.

    6 185 Talance Sawyer DT Nevada-Las Vegas
    Showed flashes.
    Was a great player on Madden football one year.

    6 199 Antico Dalton LB Hampton
    7 236 Noel Scarlett DT Langston, Okla.
    What’s the deal with Langston, Oklahoma.
    Apparently, their pro day is held at a keg party.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 25 Chris Hovan DT Boston College
    Great make-up, not a great player.

    2 55 Fred Robbins DT Wake Forest Took his SKILLZ to New York.

    2 56 Michael Boireau DE Miami Another Hurricane who did nothing for the purple.
    3 88 Doug Chapman RB Marshall Had one or two good games.
    Sorta a poor man’s Moe Williams.
    Not exactly a high target.

    4 106 Antonio Wilson OLB Texas A&M-Commerce Dude was supposed to be good…supposed to be.
    4 118 Tyrone Carter FS Minnesota
    Great hitter given his size.
    I think he was still in the league last year.

    5 165 Troy Walters WR Stanford
    Denny’s other son.
    Low average player.

    7 240 Mike Malano C San Diego State
    7 244 Giles Cole TE Texas A&M-Kingsville
    7 248 Lewis Kelly G South Carolina State
    Showed some potential, and did better than the other 7’s.
    Something terrible happened to his wife? And he was never the same.
    Tice really liked him.
    No Joneses.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 27 Michael Bennett RB Wisconsin Average player.

    2 57 Willie Howard DE Stanford Another of Denny’s kids.
    Never did anything.

    3 69 Eric Kelly CB Kentucky bad
    4 130 Shawn Worthen NT Texas Christian bad
    4 131 Cedric James WR Texas Christian I guess even the Horned Toads can throw a good Pro day keg party.

    5 157 Patrick Chukwurah OLB Wyoming This guy always intrigued me.
    Still in the league even today.

    6 189 Carey Scott CB Kentucky State dk
    7 225 Brian Crawford T Western Oregon Could’ve really used this pick on a Jones.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 7 Bryant McKinnie T Miami
    I think the dude is overpaid.
    Best skills are in pass protection, but gets beat with speed.

    2 38 Raonall Smith OLB Washington State ha ha ha ha
    3 70 Willie Offord SS South Carolina ha ha ha ha
    4 105 Brian Williams CB North Carolina State ha ha
    4 132 Ed Ta'amu G Utah dk
    6 177 Nick Rogers OLB Georgia Tech Given how late of a pick he was, really not that bad.
    Never did that much in purple.
    7 218 Chad Beasley T Virginia Tech I am really Jonesin’ for a Jones at this point.


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 9 Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State stud
    2 40 E. J.
    Henderson OLB Maryland Got paid.
    Go back to lackluster performance.
    3 71 Nate Burleson WR Nevada Could’ve been the next Hassan…
    4 105 Onterrio Smith RB Oregon
    SOD, stoner of the draft…still on drugs…I could do this all day. .
    6 180 Eddie Johnson P Idaho State
    6 190 Mike Nattiel OLB Florida
    7 221 Keenan Howry WR Oregon


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 20 Kenechi Udeze DE Southern California
    2 48 Dontarrious Thomas MLB Auburn
    3 88 Darrion Scott DE Ohio State
    4 115 Nat Dorsey T Georgia Tech
    4 119 Mewelde Moore RB Tulane
    5 155 Rod Davis MLB Southern Mississippi
    6 184 Deandre Eiland SS South Carolina
    7 220 Jeff Dugan TE Maryland


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 7 Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
    1 18 Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
    2 49 Marcus Johnson T Mississippi
    3 80 Dustin Fox CB Ohio State
    4 112 Ciatrick Fason RB Florida
    6 191 C. J.
    Mosley DT Missouri
    7 219 Adrian Ward DB Texas-El Paso


    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 17 Chad Greenway LB Iowa
    2 48 Cedric Griffin CB Texas
    2 51 Ryan Cook T New Mexico
    2 64 Tarvaris Jackson QB Alabama State
    4 127 Ray Edwards DE Purdue
    5 149 Greg Blue SS Georgia

    2007 Who knows?
    I am pulling for Mike Jones, OG, Iowa in the 7th round.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    Beautiful post. Welcome. I love this thread.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    That was an interesting read.
    It just shows how much of a crap-shoot the draft really is and further points that Childress and Spielman need to be given at least a little chance to see what they can do.
    Hell - look at those drafts, Denny had some HUGE, HUGE f-up's in the draft - but he is remembered for "lucking" into Randy Moss.

    The other thing I take away from these lists are the 1st round busts and those diamonds that are found in the later rounds that become stars that nobody could have projected - that is where you can really improve your team - in the later rounds.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    NICE WORK, DUDE,...loved IT.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    The Chris Doleman pick was a popular one in my house. He's from my hometown.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    "Rattz" wrote:
    That was an interesting read.

    It just shows how much of a crap-shoot the draft really is and further points that Childress and Spielman need to be given at least a little chance to see what they can do.

    Hell - look at those drafts, Denny had some HUGE, HUGE f-up's in the draft - but he is remembered for "lucking" into Randy Moss.

    The other thing I take away from these lists are the 1st round busts and those diamonds that are found in the later rounds that become stars that nobody could have projected - that is where you can really improve your team - in the later rounds.
    Echo that.
    Great post man.
    I can see you will be a great addition as long as you provide stuff like this.

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    What an intro!

    Keep bringing that my brother!

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    Great first post...welcome aboard!!!

    Looks like the Louisiana school players that we drafted did pretty well...maybe we SHOULD draft LaRon Landry at #7 like it has been suggested?

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    yah that was some good s---, a little depressing.
    do you think in 15 years we are gonna look at the last 4 years and be laughing about some of these guys.
    i hope not cuz that'll mean we really stink this year since most of the team is gonna be made of all our draft picks from the last 4 years

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    Re: New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.

    That must have been a lot of work put into that.

    Welcome to PP.O


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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