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Thread: My First Post!

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    My First Post!

    Howdy from deep in the heart of Texas! This here's my first post and I'm mighty thirsty! I grew up in South Mpls and left in 1985 after I joined the USAF. I retired from the the Air Force last july and am now working here in Houston. I am a life long Vikings fan and have rode the roller coaster every season has brought where ever I was stationed. I am Purple and Gold to my core, but I do respect others right to their team. I hate the Packers and the Cowboys and always will! SKOL VIKINGS, And all who read my post. Unless yer a cowboy er a packer,......if you are,....go pound sand! :twisted:
    UltraPurple, USAF (Ret)
    The Woodlands, Texas

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    Re: My First Post!

    Let me be the FIRST to welcome you to the greatest Viking Fan website on the planet!!!
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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    Re: My First Post!

    Let me be the 2nd to welcome you Ultrapurple!

    The other Ultra will be by with a beeer or two for you shortly.

    Enjoy the site.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: My First Post!

    welcome aboard & SKOL !

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    Re: My First Post!

    Welcome Ultrapurple!
    A wise man once said," Defense Wins Championships!"

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    Re: My First Post!

    Welcome and Skoal! ccasion5: But now I have to watch the simular names! :lol:
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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    Re: My First Post!

    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it and post often! SKOL!!

    [move]My beautiful sig made by the one and only PPE![/move]

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    Re: My First Post!

    Hey hey! Welcome!

    Are you my long lost brother!

    Hope you enjoy it here!

    PS: Don't be using the name to pick up chicks...thats my gig!

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    Re: My First Post!

    Welcome to the site. I am fairly new myself.
    We can solve poverty today.

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    Re: My First Post!


    Thanks PurpleMafia

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