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    just visiting

    Thought I would drop by and say 'Hey!' to all my Minnesota cousins! I am from Steeler land but my roots extend back to two small towns in your frozen Tundra. (I guess you could consider your selves God's "Frozen Chosen!") Ever heard of a little town called 'Red Wing?' That's my Dad's home. My Mom hails from a place called Austin. I spent quite a bit of time there as a kid. All my family is (was) up there and my mom is buried there. I hope to get back some day as there is no finer place on Earth (but then, you knew that already!)

    Anyhow, as I said, I'm a Steeler fan and I just came to say that I hope we don't mess you guys up too badly this Sunday. I want you strong enough to be able to kick the living SH*T outta those idiot packer morons. (I hate those goofs almost as much as the Crackmore Ratbirds!) But that's not why I have come. As as few of you have ventured onto my Board ( and showed nothing but CLASS (as opposed to the Ohio creeps who love to show their A**) I have brought you a Story! Get comfortable. Get a beer and some chips (Is Red Owl still up there?) Here we go!

    Seems there were these three guys, Oly, Sven and Joe. It was Mid July and there was nuttin going on. They got together and thought a fishing trip to Millacks (sp?) was in order! They hitched up the boat and off they went.

    Well, after getting the boat out to a good fishing spot Joe asks Oly where the Beer was? He said it was in the cooler in the back and to go get him one. Well, Sven happened to be below deck and as he came up he saw Oly fishing but no Joe. This seemed odd as he wasn't below deck. He asks Oly where Joe is? Oly says he went to the back of the boat to get a beer. Sven looks and him and shakes his head "Uh Uh!" They both look to the back of the boat and, sure enough, Joe is gone!

    "Aw Cripes!" cries Oly,"Joe fell over board! wadda we do??" "I'll get 'em!" cries Sven! With that he rips off his shirt and whips off his shoes and into the water he goes!

    After about a minute he surfaces with the body and he and Oly drag the body into the boat.

    "Wadda we do, Wadda we do?" cries Sven. "I know just what to do" says Oly, "I seen dis on TV!" And with that he begins mouth to mouth.

    After about a minute of this Oly spits and wipes his mouth. He looks at Sven with disgust and says to him "Gosh Sven, I don't ever remember Joe havin' bad breath like this!" and Sven replies:

    "Yea Oly, and I don't ever remember him havin' a snow mobile suit on either!!!"

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    Re: just visiting

    Hey welcome man

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    Re: just visiting

    Welcome to the site,

    Nice to see some Class coming out of Steelers land...


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    Re: just visiting

    Welcome to the site some of my father's family lives up in Austin it is a nice place and have fun watching the Vikings beat your Steelers.
    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

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    Re: just visiting

    Welcome. Nice to have other fans here to talk with.

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    Re: just visiting


    whip those steeler trolls into shape!!!!!

    they have in fested our boards non stop this week.

    Show them how to be a respectable fan on n opposing team's board.

    btw we are gonna kick your asses on sunday.


    Go vikes!!

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    Re: just visiting

    red wing eh. im from lake city. power to southeast minnesnowta.
    "Ron Mexico is here."

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