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    I Bleed Purple Blood

    Hello Vikings Faithful....I come to you from Viking country North Dakota. I am originally from Wabasha Minnesota but I havent lived there since I was about 14. I am 25 years old now and proud member of the U.S. Military. I purposely got myself stationed here in N.D. just to be closer to my Vikings. I am moving to Okinawa Japan in December so hopefully I can stay in contact via this forum with the Vikings. I will be back in the states in 2010 and soon there after will move near Minneapolis to get ready to begin going to Vikings games in our new stadium. I joined this forum a few months but am just able recently to become an active poster!! My favorite all time Viking is Cris Carter or Chris Doleman. I have a 2 year old son I am grooming to follow in my footsteps and bleed the same color I bleed!

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    Re: I Bleed Purple Blood

    Welcome to PP.O! And thank you for serving our country!

    Hope you enjoy the site, we have a lot to offer the greatest fans in the world!

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    Re: I Bleed Purple Blood

    Welcome and SKOL! You will find this to be the best site ever!
    For every question an answer! For every answer a why?

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    Re: I Bleed Purple Blood

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