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    Norseman Hi from lifelong Vike fan

    Hey everyone, been a fan since I was a pup (still think Joe Kapp was the toughest QB ever). Have lived through all the ups and downs (Less Les), all the harrassment from Giants and Bills fans. To top it off, I injected my brother, his sons, and also my only son with this poison, and still I dream the big dream.
    That being said, we are making the 20 hr pilgrimage to valhalla to see the Vikings kick the crap out of the cardinals, (Thats right, I said it !!) and will see you there.

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    Welcome USNYF. You'll like it here. There is a good mix of fans on this site. Enjoy and SKOL!!!!!!!

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    Welcome! take off your coat and stay a while. Pull up a chair.

    When you leave for your trip, be sure to throw a wave to the folks at RPI for me. You will have a blast, I'm sure. I haven't made it up there yet, but the pictures posted here tell the tale...

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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    Welcome to PP.O, USNYF!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Welcome to the site.
    We're bringing purple back.


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