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Thread: Hey y'all.

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    Hey y'all.

    For those of you who possibly know me from some other sites, run away. :P

    If not, I'm Brakos, from Houston, torturing myself as a Texans fan. (hey, at least I'm not one of them bratty Cowboy fans )

    I was up your guys's way for the Monday nighter against the Pack last year, had a great time in the "cheap" seats (more like costing just an arm rather than an arm and a leg, but I digress....)

    Hope to talk some great football (along with some non-sensical stuff in that part of the site) with yall, and good luck this season, unless you end up playing us in the super bowl of course. :P

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    Re:Hey y'all.


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    Re:Hey y'all.

    Welcome to the site B)

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    Re:Hey y'all.

    Welcome to the site.
    Cowboys suck.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:Hey y'all.

    Welcome aboard!

    So, Texans... that makes, what, five different non-Viking teams who have had fans join our forum lately? I am liking that a lot. Should lead to many great discussions.

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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