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    Re: Hey, this is the only time i will be posting.

    Tide! Gets the crap out

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    Re: Hey, this is the only time i will be posting.

    "bsmith_501" wrote:
    When will you viking fans learn that the Packers are just a better overall team. The packers have won superbowls and the vikings choke every year. And this forum is very immature and reflects the IQ and brain capacities of all viking fans. Now, us Packer fans on the other hand, have very nice forums. Forums where we dont diss other teams, not even the Vikings. We are very respectable and that just goes to show why there is a much larger fan base for the Packers and not the Vikings. Now, i even live in Minnesota and i dislike the Vikings. Now, if you want to see how a good forum is run, check out or Or any of the other packer forums. I hope you all have a good time ruiting for the VikeQueens and hats off to another (upcoming) horrible season. From all of us Packer Fans!!!
    bsmith_501 = butt sucking mofo in tha house_501 (meaning that there are at least 500 others just like him) :lol: [b]

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