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    Re: Hello ... following #4

    Welcome to the site

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    Re: Hello ... following #4

    "Sannop" wrote:
    Thanks for the welcome folks.
    Marrdro... I can see why so many Vikes fan are resistant.
    But if his health stays then you will all see why we love the man.
    I hear ya my friend.
    I actually accepted a few crow dinners after the 9'rs game.
    Absolutely amazing.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Hello ... following #4

    Welcome bro

    Always nice to have others from the other side come in and have good discussions

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    Re: Hello ... following #4


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    Re: Hello ... following #4

    "Sannop" wrote:
    Hello folks,

    I have been watching the forums for some time.
    I must disclaim that I am a life-long pack fan (named son after Lombardi).

    I am, however, fixated with #4.

    I followed him to the Jets forums last year and met a lot o good people.
    When his arm went bad.. the forums went bad also (darn Madden curse).

    I do not trash talk.
    I love sports as a positive escape.

    I am still a pack fan, but more than anything I want to see Brett win another ring.
    When he does almost everyone will agree with me that he is the best ever and has done more with mediocre teams than anyone else.
    (Ok... him and Elway in the 80s).

    I promise not to annoy you folks here... it is your house.
    But I am watching every game and I like following the discussion.

    I am 42 and I still have GB clothes from Don Majkowski days. I was there when GB sucked before #4 and I owe him a lot for the years o enjoyment.
    Welcome to the board.

    Many say that it can't be.. a Favre and Packer fan.. personally there is a lot to admire about Brett the football player on the field.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Re: Hello ... following #4


    Anyways, welcome!
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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