"LEAD" wrote:
Hello fellow Vikings fans! NordicNed told me about this site and it is great. Growing up a Vikings fan in CT can get very lonely. You only get to watch your team play 2 or three games a year, this year has been better though, and you are surrounded by New York fans.
I have never been to the dome but I have caught a few Vikings games when they played the Jets/Giants away. I also got to see them at Soldier field 2 years ago. I have been a Vikings fan for over 35 years and they have caused me much heartache. Denny Green actually took years off my life.
I guess all the pain will make it that much sweeter when it does finally come.
Hell, there's ALLOT of folks in CT that are Vikes fans.
We used to dominate a few different bars in New Haven, East Haven, and Branford a few years back when I still lived there.
Now I'm in Ohio, listening to Browns fans cry about everyone being against em - and even worse, Inbred steelers fans...just being Steelers fans.
Better than being stuck in Wisconsin or Michigan though I suppose!