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    I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a huge Jet fan living in New York. I used to live in Minnesota for 2 years as a child. So I root for Minny against everyone except NYJ.

    I was pissed off last off-season when I heard the Vikes hired Cottrell. He was pathetic on the Jets and it seems like he's pulling the same crap with you guys. The Vikings defense certainly has the talent, hopefully Cottrell gets fired ASAP. Do you hear this phrase a lot "They just need time to gel" ?

    Also I'm in a mock draft over at and I'm drafting for the Vikings. Right now who do you expect to lose in the offseason and what positions are the most necessary to be filled?

    Additionally, is there any validity to these rumors about Randy Moss getting traded? I would love Moss on the Jets back with Chad and think Herm could help him mature a little bit. Although I'm not sure if NYJ would have the players/picks to make a reasonable offer.

    Thanks for any answers to these questions. I truly would like any kind of draft info anyone has.[/b]

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    Welcome to the site Jetlag! Even though the Vikes are not your #1, that is ok! Assuming you are of age (????) drink up and enjoy the site!

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    Greetings Jetlag, and welcome. Personally I doubt Randy's going anywhere unless someone offers something outrageous for him. The Vikes will lose Hovan to free agency, so will likely look for a DT early. This may be the best bet for a first round choice since a DT may have a chance at having an immediate impact. A cornerback is a need too, but we're hoping that will be filled with free agency (very few cb's have an impact as rookies). Our LB's are terrible but talented and young. Hopefully we can obtain an impact LB and CB via free agency with the 30 million we have available under the cap. Assuming of course that Red will spend the money.

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    Welcome :thumbright:

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    Welcome Jetlag, enjoy your time here.

    As for personnel changes this off-season, Hovan is a definite and I suspect that Claiborne may be allowed to slip away too. If that happens then we'll definitely be looking for a LB though probably through FA. DT could be an option to fill via the draft - again ! but I'd prefer to get a veteran DT in to give some experience to the line
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