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Thread: Happy 2010

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    Happy 2010

    Hello All PPO Bloggers!

    Iam Purle1ist, from the UK.
    I have watched many forum chats over the years as a visitor, but I now see the Vikings as having a new start for 2010.
    I have followed the Vikings as choice of team since they came to the UK in the early 80s.
    I followed Chris Carter (my first player shirt), Robert Smith (my son is called Robert although the wife doesnt know why!), John Randle (my first real defensive hero), then came THE Randy Moss along with the forgotten Jake Reed and awesome Chris Carter as THE triple threat!
    I went through the down times watching the Puckers and Cowgirls enjoy the 90s. Then living the moment until that last kick in 1998!
    Enter into 2000 with another chance to dominate.
    We didnt, and never found our feet with QB, Coach or RB until Adrian Peterson (although I am a Chester fan) and 1998/99.
    Then the most controversial move in our history, could I like Favre.
    The answer was not there until the double against the Puckers.
    Oustide of Purple Jesus he was our saviour!
    Then came Sunday 24th January 2010.
    Without writing in other posts, I will never watch that game again. It was 3.30am in the morning, this was the opportuntity, and the greatest thing since the kids were born, I was shaking, literally. The chance was there, honestly Iam not bothered about winning the Superbowl, I just want to be there with the chance.
    Come 4am I felt sick. Not from the interception, but in OT from losing the toss,the running call that WAS short, the catch that WASNT.
    Where do I go now, P.P.O. I need to vent, the wife doesnt understand.
    My eldest son is a Cowgirls fan, my youngest a Jaguar, what can I do?
    Welcome 2010.
    The answer, no salary cap. If Favre wont come back and I want him to prove he can do it for himself, then we pay the earth to get the best, do not draft again for a QB, please.
    Do we keep a fumbling AP? Yes (because Ive got his shirt as well). but we also need to keep Chester (the dog's named after him!). Losing Richardson at FB was our biggest mistake.
    Keep the WR core, pray that the Williams' stay healthy and we can do it. Pay whatever it takes to keep Frazier.
    Finally, Chilly, this is it for him. Last chance. next year is his last season, as far as I am concerned. If he can get Favre we're OK. But if we have to go back to his playcalling we're doomed again.
    Go CB with no salary cap and secondary in the draft covering the Williams'.

    So thats me done. For now.

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    Re: Happy 2010

    Wow, great intro!

    Welcome and Skol!

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    Re:Happy 2010

    Well said, Ultra, GREAT intro! Welcome to the site, it's always nice to have more fans join from across the pond!!!
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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    Re:Happy 2010

    Welcome aboard ...

    I am going to call you out kindly before some of the other guys get evil ... CRIS ...

    SKOL! Post well and post often.

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    Re:Happy 2010

    Do we keep a fumbling AP? Yes (because Ive got his shirt as well)
    LOL now thats a good reason. Welcome to the site.


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    Re:Happy 2010

    welcome to the site


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    Re:Happy 2010

    Welcome to the forums.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:Happy 2010

    Hello and welcome to the site mate! I feel your pain, last Sunday was horrific, from the high of feeling Longwell's going to come on and kick us to the promised land to the low of the many kicks in the teeth that followed. It's hard to sleep at 4am with all that had gone on swirling around and around, then to make matters worse I'm up at 7 to go to work where nobody follows the NFL! It's a good job PPO exists that's all I can say.

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    Re:Happy 2010


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