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    Re: Greetings From the Wrong side of the Mississippi

    "supermoss84" wrote:
    That's right folks, native Wisconsinite here, born and raised in Madcity, and still live in Eau Claire. Despite that handicap, I overcame the propaganda machine that is Green Bay Packers football (I lack the necessary inbreeding), and have been a long-time loyal Vikes fan. Regarding the Supermoss84 screen name, I signed up as a member while he was still on our team. Randy was my favorite player during his tenure because he gave me ample ammunition to harass Teenage Packer fans with (you need to use monosylabic words with them). I still love Randy, but am a Vikes fan first and foremost. I don't plan on changing this nickname, because of the fond memories of Randy destroying Paker chumps, breaking their backs in the playoffs last year and finally, achieving my lifelong goal: WIPING MY jiggly butt on the Lambeau Field goalposts. I can't wait to watch the most overrated team in the league go down in flames this year. SKOL

    By the way, sorry it took so long for my first post, but I have been finishing my bachelors degree this year and haven't even had time to spay the Packer fans I know.
    Congrats on getting your bachelor's degree, SM84!!! Although it must have been much easier to get over there than elsewhere, it is still a great accomplishment! j/k :lol:

    Good luck in the real world now...or are you postponing the inevitable by getting your master's, then doctorate or JD degrees as well?

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    Re: Greetings From the Wrong side of the Mississippi

    Welcome man, congrats on the B.S. degree.
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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