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    Greetings-help a fellow fan

    Hello fellow fans!
    I have been visting this site off and on this season and I must admit that I decided to finally join because of a selfish question I wanted help with.
    Right now I am working overnights at my job and during the day I of course sleep.
    In the past I have been staying up all day and all night just to watch the vikings game.
    Yesterday I went out and bought a $200 dvd recorder so that I could sleep during the day and record the game to watch later.
    I thought I had set the timer to record the game today but luck was not on my side and for some reason it did not record the game.
    I hope to have the problem fixed by next week, however it sounds like I missed one hell of a game today versus Arizona.

    I was wondering if anyone know of any websites that might post up videos of the games.
    I know espn sometimes puts up videos of games on their site, but since the vikes game was not on espn I was hoping there was some other sites I might at least find the highlights on.

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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    I didn't tape the game this week.
    It had been to depressing to watch twice.

    I wish the NFL did what the NBA does, You can watch games online for upto 48 hours after the game.
    That is so cool.
    If you have the NBA League Pass, you can watch live games online too.

    Well until the NFL catches up to the NBA, good luck with the DVR

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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    The only way you can see it is on NFL Network if they do the replay; you would have to check their schedule.
    There are no other "legal" means in which to tape it.

    I have a DVD Recorder.
    Make sure you set it up so it will record for 4 hours.
    The quality of the recording is not very good; at least not mine.

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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    I think the NFL has made a deal with yahoo this year to stream the games, so it is possible to watch the games in a period of time after the game online.

    But I'm not sure how long it is 24-48 hours or something. And maybe it's only available to customers outside of the US

    I've heard that you can buy game DVDs - found this link - I have never tried it myself.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    Bretto welcome to the site and hope you stick around and contribute to the site we can never have enough Viking fans on board.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    welcome to the site


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    Re: Greetings-help a fellow fan

    Welcome aboard and sorry for your luck yesterday.
    Game was alright not the best

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