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Thread: Greetings..

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    StainlessStill wrote:
    That's understandable and is a unique situation for a fan of one of the most heated rivalries in sports to really wrap their mind around. (I'd be torn as ever if someone like...say Ray Lewis would ever put on a Steelers uniform and would have to squeeze out every last bit of hatred only if that tiny .00000000000001% chance is there to make our football team a shot at winning a championship. That would be a tough one to swallow.)

    Of course it's a love/hate and the reaction will always be mixed givin' the history that is Favre/GB/Minny but when it comes down to it.. JUST WIN BABY.
    First up welcome to the site StainlessStill. I guess growing up with a European soccer background made it easier for me to accept Favre as a Viking from the start. In the game we call "football" players have played for both Liverpool and Man United, Real Madrid and Barcelona and even Rangers and Celtic. These are rivalvries that cross boundaries that are much bigger than anything in the NFL. Having said that It sure was strange seeing him wear the purple jersey for the first time!

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    Now the thread is in the right spot.

    Already made an impact on the site. I guess you picked a good day to join. Welcome and SKOL!
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Welcome to the site Stainless, look forward to chatting all things Favre with you! B)

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