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    Re: Glad to be here at PP.O


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    Re: Glad to be here at PP.O

    "galant8706" wrote:
    Hey guys, new member here. Been a Vikings fan my whole life. Born and raised in Minnesota. Live in Warroad which is in the NW corner about 6 miles from canada and a couple hours from North Dakota. Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi.
    Valkommen and SKOL!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Glad to be here at PP.O

    "thatjusthappened28" wrote:
    did you play hockey? Warroads always real good at hockey. haha anyway... welcome!
    No hockey players in warroad and roseau tend to be cocky douchebags. We had a kid last year that played hockey and wrote an article in the paper about how hockey players are better athletes than basketball and football players....gimme a break. Yeah and then he wins the Herb Brooks award last year at state. But yeah we are going to state again this year. But no I never played hockey I played football and baseball. Defensive End and 1st base.

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