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    Former poster, interim lurker and now a new member.

    Hi everyone!

    I used to post under the name faninphx. I had some difficulty retrieving my old password and have been lurking for the past five years. Instead of trying to resurrect my old account, I decided to create a new one.

    A little about me? I live in the Valley of the Sun. When I was 11 my brother was reading an article in the sports page about Jim McMahon signing with the Vikings. Up until that point, I had been a Bears fan. My brother spent about 10 minutes convincing me I should become a Vikings fan and here I am 20 years later as a diehard Viking fan. I have never been to Minnesota but I would love to go to a home game at some point. I can't tell you how many times I get asked at sports bars what part of MN I'm from.

    That's about it for me. I love football and can't wait to share opinions and have friendly arguments. SKOL Vikings!

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    Nice to see someone new (ish). I've been the "new" maniac poster for awhile now.

    I've been to a few Vikings games, but only when they played the 49ers, since I lived most my life in the Bay Area near San Francisco. One was a victory (when we SHOULD have beat the Phoney Whiners), the other when Chris Carter took control and we almost beat the 49ers when it should have been a blow out.

    For the record, I would also LOVE to see a Vikings home game!! I cannot imagine being surrounded by 70,000 fans that are cheering for the same team I am!!!
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    Welcome. The bit about making it out for a home game made me have to respond. Do it! I flew out in december, year before last (from toronto) for the sole purpose of catching a game in the dome. So worth it.

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    Hi and welcome to the site, I'm in the same boat as far as seeing a home game. I always thought I'd make it to the dome one day but finances never allowed. At least I made it to London last year and although I loved every minute I don't think it's comparable to a game in Minny.


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