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Thread: fellow vikes

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    Re: fellow vikes

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "MrGopher16" wrote:
    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    Its pretty cool that thiers Viking fans world wide!
    We should try and get every continent represented here! I mean we could cut Antarctica a break, but besides that lets go for it!
    There are a few members that we could send. :wink:

    I am just not sure about internet access.

    We might have to send a satellite phone of sorts for a connection???

    hahaha true that!

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    Re: fellow vikes

    Welcome to the #1 Vikings site on the web!

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: fellow vikes


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    Re: fellow vikes

    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it here!

    [move]My beautiful sig made by the one and only PPE![/move]

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    Re: fellow vikes


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    Re: fellow vikes

    I don't like going into a place and not getting served. It makes you want to leave.

    I can't give out the official brew and since this is a family orientated site.

    I will provide you with an Oduls until Ultra makes the rounds.

    O'Doul's - This nonalcohol brew contains less than one-half of 1 percent alcohol by volume and is marketed to those who want the great taste of Anheuser-Busch beer in a nonalcohol brew. O'Doul's was introduced nationally in 1990.

    O'Doul's Amber - Introduced in 1997, this brand is brewed using two-row and specialty caramel malts with a blend of the finest imported and domestic hops, to create a full-bodied nonalcohol brew. O'Doul's Amber offers consumers the look and richer taste of an all-malt specialty beer in a nonalcohol beverage.

    St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic - St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic (N.A.) has a pleasant hop aroma, a well-balanced malt flavor, crisp hop finish and the taste of an imported beer without the alcohol. This N.A. has been the Gold Medal winner for the American Tasting Institute Best Imported Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage from 00'-02'. She's a pure, high-quality Girl.

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    Re: fellow vikes

    Skol Mr-Holland.

    BTW...the Raiders suck also.

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    Re: fellow vikes

    Welcome, and have fun.

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    Re: fellow vikes

    Welcome and SKOL!

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: fellow vikes

    "Mr-holland" wrote:
    Hi ya'll
    I'm Mr-Holland from Guess....
    next season me and my brother are gonne watch 2 games @ minnesota.
    See ya'll then


    Ps: Packers suck
    Welcome, Mr. Holland! I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting your wife went to school in Zutphen...we also visited Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Brooklyn, Haarlem and several other smaller cities there. Also hit Luxembourg City and several cities in Belgium while we were there! It was awesome and I look forward to traveling there again sometime in the future! Where are you located?

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