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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Welcome aboard DrGraves.
    Stick around and post often.
    We look forward to your input.

    The Bills were my survivor pick this week.
    How can they possibly lose to a California team while at home (in Buffalo) in December?

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Always welcome Bills fans, they screwed up and gave us Phat Pat and Whinny

    welcome and SKOL

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Welcome to the wagon, and PP.O


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Welcome DrGraves. I gotta say this seems like kind of a sideways move, but what the heck! Skol Vikings!

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Welcome...Do you have an ulcer? You will soon! :'( :-*

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan


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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    haha welcome to the site, as long as your not a cheese head then its all good


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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    Welcome, you'll be a bill for the rest of your life. If you support one team you can not stop supporting them.

    But we'll take your money though ;D
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan

    God time to jump ship.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Converted Bills Fan


    Welcome and Skol (the Vikings verson of Cheers in case you didnt know).

    I too have a Vikings/Bills cross to bear.
    I was born and raised in SD and have always been a Vikings fan, however from 90-93 I lived in Erie, PA with my job traveling the Upstate.
    Part of my sales job came with 4 Bills tickets 26 rows up on the 35 yd line.
    Great seats.
    I still was a Vikings fan deep down, but never getting to see them on TV (before Direct TV existed) and having those tickets during the Bills glory years, I really got into the Bills as well.
    I got to go to two Super Bowls:
    Minneapolis (still the best thing I have ever been able to do for my Dad, taking him to the game) and Pasadena.

    I was in a bus heading back from the SB in Minny, to a remote parking lot and talking to a Vikings fan and his son who were also riding the bus.
    When I told him I was really a Vikings fand, but living in Bill country have been rooting for the Bills as well now.
    He then said, "well I dont feel so bad, I am only 0 for 4 in the Super Bowl you are 0 for 6!"

    So I too still watch the scoreboard and pull for the Bills in my heart, but if you gotta get your heart broken, it might as well be by the inventors of the heart break, our beloved Purple and Gold!!!!

    By the way you may have mentioned, but where do you live are you near Buffalo or what?
    I still get a craving for some Duffs wings from time to time, in fact I am now really craving some right now!

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