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    Re: Completely new to football!

    Welcome to the site
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Completely new to football!

    "scottishviking" wrote:
    Hey guys! I'm a very new football fan! I'm from Scotland and just got into the game recently when on holiday in Florida. The Vikings were the team that caught my eye the most, I suppose you could say it was love at first sight
    Still learning about the game and the team, hopefully this is a good place to do that. I'm hoping to come over to see a game next season so I better start saving the pennies
    Cool story, love the "love at first site," how can you not be with the Purple.....

    Remember to have thick skin around here, members might not remember that you are new to the game.
    If you ask questions, there will be many answers, I am sure.

    Nice to have you here!


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    Re: Completely new to football!

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Welcome to the site my newest purple and gold friend.

    Post well and often.
    Always remember, feel free to ask questions, alot of people on here, someone will know the answer.
    That, and do a lot of observing and mingling, as well. That's exactly how I got started a litte more than a year ago (different forum, but you're in good hands over here). With a little dedication and inquisitiveness, you'll have this thing down in no time.

    You already made your first mistake by choosing the Vikes, but hey, there's always room for improvement. Welcome to the site.
    "You can look pretty smart if you have a knack for planning ahead. That's Ted. The Packers are in good hands." - Ron Wolf

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    Re: Completely new to football!

    Hey Scottish.......

    Take alook at some of these USA Football vids.
    Short but very good with respect to the finer points of the game.

    On a side note.
    Try watching the game from the inside out instead of watching the football.
    Start with the C (presnap) and how the DLmen are shifting in front of him and try to guess were the play is going to go.

    Believe it or not, you will see alot more of what is going on and eventually the ball will catch up to were you are looking.

    USA Football: DL - Four Point Stance
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Completely new to football!

    Thanks for the welcome everybody, and thanks for the links! I'm slowly learning how the game works I just wish there were more games shown on British TV as Ive not had many opportunities to watch the Vikings.

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    Re: Completely new to football!


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