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    Hey everybody!
    Just a loyal Viking fan here in Chicago looking for others!!
    Where are you??
    Does anybody have any information on a Vikes booster club in Chicago (or any info. on where else I might search)?
    If I can't find an active club here, I guess I'll just have to start one, as I'm sick & tired of watching football with a bunch of Bears fans leering at me in my Matt Blair jersey

    ChiVikes UNITE!!
    If you are near me, please respond

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    Re: Chicago

    welcome to the site ChiVike


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    Re: Chicago

    [img width=374 height=82][/img] to the best Viking Fan Site on the web, and Skol! [img width=51 height=28][/img]
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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    Re: Chicago

    Welcome! This is a great site SKOL

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    Re: Chicago

    Hello and welcome to PP.O!

    Glad to see you were not tempted by the Bears *puke, puke*

    Enjoy the site!

    [img width=400 height=320][/img]

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    Re: Chicago

    welcome to the site. get your post on
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Chicago

    you'll see ChiTownVike on here too =) you're not alone here!!

    welcome aboard

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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