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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    Welcome DJDozier.

    I hope you're wrong about the Chiller.
    He's starting to grow on me a little bit.
    This will be his make or break year though, and his job will likely hinge on the success of his QB project.

    It'll be a fun year though, so stick around and post often.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    Welcome to PP.O


    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    "seaniemck7" wrote:
    Welcome to PP.O!
    Post well and post often.

    As to your question:

    Skol (written skål in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, and sometimes "Skoal" in English) is the Danish/Norwegian/Swedish word for a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group. The meaning of the Scandinavian skalli/skalle: skal means simply "shell" and skál/skål "bowl". There is a popular misconception that the toast comes from the mythical habit of Vikings to drink from cups made from the skulls of their defeated enemies.

    "Skol, Vikings" is the fight song of the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. It was introduced around the time the team was founded in 1961. The words and music are attributed to Red McCloud, a composer from Edina, Minnesota.

    The old recording is usually played whenever the team scores, accompanied by cheerleaders carrying flags that spell out the team's name, as per the lyrics.

    Go Vikings! Let's win this game
    Go Vikings! Honor your name
    Go get that first down
    Then get a touchdown
    Rock 'em, sock 'em, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! FIGHT!
    Go Vikings, run up the score, you'll hear us yell for more!
    Go Vikings, let's go!,_Vikings
    i think you meant

    Skol, Vikings! Let's win this game.
    Skol, Vikings! Honor your name.
    Go get that first down
    Then get a touchdown,
    Rock 'em, sock 'em, fight, fight, fight, fight!
    Go, Vikings! Run out the score;
    You'll hear us yell for more.
    , Vikings! Let's go!

    the wikipedia site has it wrong
    i took the liberty of editing it for all future users

    (i can't believe how easy it is to edit Wiki content.
    Thanks for correcting it.
    I didn't look to hard at it - was just easier to copy/paste.
    As to editing Wiki... thats the beauty of it, : people quote/link it like its always such a credible source.

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin


    Hope your trip from Odin's bowels wasn't too unpleasant.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    Welcome to the site !
    stick around and post often and you'll have a blast here
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    "DJDozier" wrote:
    Apparently I was supposed to post here before anywhere so...

    Hiya everyone, HUGE Vikings fan here, live in the PNW. My fondest Vikings memory: in '98, when the almighty Vikes crushed the pack in Lambeau. Worst: yeah, same season, conference championship. No woman has ever broken my heart as completely as that loss.

    My thoughts on the coming season: We will contend. TJ will improve, not greatly but enough. The o-line has some holes that need to be filled and a pass-catching TE would do wonders. Unfortunately I don't have much faith in Chili. I find his coaching style too rigid and lacking imagination. In this era of NFL, a coach has to adapt, be flexible and get creative sometimes. He doesn't seem to be able to do that. As long as he's the coach we are a limited team. I'd love it if I was proven wrong but I don't think that'll happen.

    In the meantime..... SKOL!

    (pardon my ignorance, but what exactly does "skol" mean?)

    Valkommen and SKOL!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin


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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    SKOL!! and welcome.


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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    Welcome DJ, post with pride.
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: From the bowels of Odin

    DJDozier Welcome love the nic Post often SKOL!
    I am THE #1 Sidney Rice #18 Fan ever! Don't Be surprised when this kid IS a superstar! He is humble, smart, tough, talented and has alot of character! Takes alot of pride in his work, team, fans and life. Watch out for this kid! I think he is awesome! Everytime he touches the ball its MAGIC!

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