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    Re: Bengal fan looking around...

    "marstc09" wrote:

    Can we have one of your WRs?

    Also, how does it feel to keep for a team full of criminals?
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Bengal fan looking around...

    "ArmyBengal" wrote:
    Hello everyone, I'm Mark and I'm a moderator at the Bengals Fan 2 Fan Alliance site, "Bengalszone".
    I like to check out some of the other sites on the fan 2 fan group to see how green the grass may be on their side.
    I'm originally from Cincinnati, but am an active duty Sergeant First Class in the Army (19 years) and relocated to Sioux Falls, SD last year.
    There are plenty of Vikings fans here and enjoy the conversations with my co workers who follow them.

    Sorry your team didn't fare better in the playoffs, but I didn't really see them going real deep to start.
    Not trying to pick an argument, just trying to be honest.
    Feel free to shoot back with your honest opinion of how bad my Bengals are, but you won't be telling me anything I don't already know.

    I'm actually looking forward to next season when the Bengals play the Vikings.
    My wife and I will be making the quick trip from Sioux Falls to see the game.
    I haven't been up that way yet and that will be a good excuse to come check out the cities.
    Is the stadium pretty friendly to opposing fans (that aren't assh*les of course) ??

    Anyway, I'll talk to you guys more I'm sure.

    Valkommen, SKOL and thank you for your service!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Bengal fan looking around...

    Welcome to the site!

    You probably won't get heckled too bad if you come up. The Vikes and the Bengals aren't exactly heated rivals. Plus, Minnesota fans are pretty affable.

    The only guy I've ever seen heckled really hard was a guy wearing a Mike Alstott jersey at a Vikings vs. Bills game....go figure. You should have a great time at the dome.

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    Re: Bengal fan looking around...

    I've been out of the loop, so let me apologize for a delayed response and respond to a bunch of things...

    To start, I'm not a fan of how Bengals fans treat opposing fans at our stadium and yes there have been problems.
    I went to the last game against the Chiefs and saw this guy carrying a Chiefs sign that basically said he was a Chiefs fan and regardless of how bad they were that he was going to continue supporting them.
    I thought he was just being a good fan and not antagonizing anyone with the sign.
    Anyway, a Bengals fan flat tackled the guy in the row and knocked him into the seats.
    A real assh*le type of thing to do.
    Anyway, we got the cops to get the Bengals fan kicked out and most around him apologized to the Chiefs fan.
    I did...

    One of our WR's ??
    Well, the only one I wouldn't mind seeing go is Chad.
    Don't get me wrong, Chad has mad talent, but it just isn't worth it.
    I can see us letting TJ go, but it will piss me off.
    He's just tough and is better than most in 3rd down situations.
    I will hate it if they let him walk to hold onto Chad.
    I say lock TJ up for another 3-4 years and trade Chad for whatever some stupid team would be willing to part for him.

    I to think if your QB situation could get figured out, you might be able to see beyond just a playoff berth.
    I'm not sure where you guys are ending up in the draft, but if you are targeting a QB, you should still be able to get one in the first if you so desire.
    I just can't see Frerotte being looked at as the anything more than what you get at the moment and Jackson has done little to impress me with his inconsistencies.

    As for our team being full of criminals, I will say your information is a bit dated.
    Is Chris Henry still on the roster ?? Sure, but not by the coaches doing which is another story all together.
    However, almost all of the players that have been trouble makers have exited the team.
    I would say there are better than 10 other teams that have worse criminal problems than the Bengals.
    The thing is, the media jumps on that stuff and it tends to stick around for a while even when the organization has made positive changes.
    Such is life...

    I definitely understand fan loyalty.
    I was born into Bengal fandom and never left.
    Since the early 70's I've been taking it on the chin with great frequency, but I keep coming back for more.
    What can I say, they are my home team and I refuse to be a bandwagon jumper.
    Sort of like the Reds, they are my team good or bad...

    As for anyone wanting to find good football forums, most of the teams on the Fan 2 Fan Alliance like both of ours are pretty good from what I've seen.
    I'm not a fan of blind homerism and there are sites out there that regardless of how obviously horrible their team is, they are all POSITIVE they are going to win it all next season.
    Not only that, but if you don't agree, they will ban you from the site.
    Again, such is life...

    I'm enjoying Sioux Falls as is my family.
    Thanks for the responses and I look forward to talking to you guys more.
    Take it easy...


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    Re: Bengal fan looking around...

    Welcome to the site - always welcome opposing fans here and its a long off season coming up so plenty of time to chat and stir the banter before the game next season.
    I look at Bengals fans as I do Lions fans - classy for sticking through the bad times and I know both teams have had a long period of the lean times. As you say once you pick your team and colours then you have to stick with it, makes the good times that much sweeter.

    Look forward to hearing more from you in the coming months
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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