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    Re: Wife beater (Green) vs. Drug user (Smith)?

    I don't know why professional athletes do this kind of stupid stuff. I have no respect for people that do this kind of stuff. A mistake once can be overlooked, but to repeat a mistake is a lack of caring! Smith is not only hurting himself financially, but he is also hurting our team. Green hurt his family with his actions (as big or little as they were), Winslow is on the cusp of ruining his career so he could go out and have a joy ride! I just don't understand these guys that pretty much have everything and they basically throw it away!

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    Re: Wife beater (Green) vs. Drug user (Smith)?

    Hey I read Winslow has taken up a new hobby, he likes diving head first into the shallow end of the pool just playin but he acts like heas done it before. Yo I had no idea that the "whizzinator" was real.
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