"Del Rio" wrote:
Short answer yep we have the ability to beat the snot out of them.

One thing of interest that not many people have mentioned is the Eagles tight ends. They are a key part to the Eagles offense.

But all in all we have a shot. If the same team that showed up Sunday shows up again I would count on it! Ah what the heck I do count on it :lol:
Very good Del Rio...Without TO, look for the Eagles to go back to a lot of two tight end sets which was very successful earlier in the year but they went away from it as the year progressed. Both Chad Lewis and LJ Smith are weapons in the pass game....they are not the greatest blockers however. I'm not familiar enough to know how your linebackers are at coverage, I know Chavous is hurt so that could be a blow to covering these guys as well as Westbrook when he flanks out as a receiver.

I think nobody is really talking about the special teams as well. The Eagles have a very good squad all around there and could provide some very crucial field position during the course of the game. And I don't have to tell you that David Akers is an advantage over Morten Anderson in the field goal dept.