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    Vikings vs Bills: Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woe

    Bills vs. Vikings: Chan Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woes

    Prior to the team's Week 6 bye, the Bills allowed 32.2 points per game and 182.4 rushing yards per game. While the Bills have seen significant improvement in points allowed per game since the bye (down to 21.2) and marginal improvement against the run (154.8 yards per game), the Bills still have, by quite a bit, the NFL's worst run defense.
    We should be able to have great success running the ball against their defense as have all the Bills opponents before us, with either AD or Gerhart.

    I'm sure that after we do though, certain fans here will be giving Frazier all the credit for it.

    We should see another approx. 60% run to 40% pass ratio.

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    Re: Vikings vs Bills: Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woe

    I don't care who gets the credit. I just want them to do it. Consistency this year hasn't been one of our strong suites.
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    Re: Vikings vs Bills: Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woe

    While we should be able to move the ball well on the ground, we are going to have to get a lot better at finishing those drives. We have been very poor at that so far.

    The Bills' offense will put up points against us, there is no doubt in my mind. We are not set up well to stop their air attack. So we will need every point we can muster, and that means TDs, not FGs.

    I expect we will need 30+ points to win this one. I hope we can manage it.

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    Re: Vikings vs Bills: Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woe

    It depends a lot on our pass rush.

    We can shut them down with a good rush.....and we started to see a good rush against the Redskins.

    The Bills performance against the Steelers may lead some to believe they are better than they are.....but I think the Steelers gave them huge gifts with penalties and mistakes.

    If we play a solid fundamental game without the mistakes that have killed us most of the year (and I think we can) we will attain a solid win.

    Of course, there's always the question of whether or not the O-Line will show up, but that problem has been getting better.
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    Re: Vikings vs Bills: Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woe

    Bills are weak, guaranteed win this week for the Vikes.

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