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You are correct, our AFC home games next year will be Oakland and San Diego.
We will play Denver and KC away.

Here is our lineup for next year so far:
Chicago (2), Detroit (2), Green Bay (2), at Dallas, at New York Giants, vs. Philadelphia, vs. Washington, at Denver, at Kansas City, vs. Oakland, vs. San Diego.

If the season were to end today, we would also play at Carolina and vs St Louis based on the standings.

Great.. I was actually looking forward to this season ending, and next season beginning.. Not the case anymore.. Looks like we will most likely have 2 losing seasons back to back..
Switch out the AFC West with the AFC South. All of a sudden we have the Colts, the Jaguars and the Titans. How about the AFC North? Would you rather play the Ravens, the Steelers and the Bengals?

Switch out the NFC East with the NFC South. Would you rather play the Falcons, Saints, Panthers and Bucs?

Like I said, every division is good. There's too much parity to get a favorable schedule anymore.
Unless you're the Chicago Bears...

At any rate, it's true that it's almost impossible to predict the difficulty of the schedule until it's actually played. Who's to say the next year's NFC East won't be the equivalent of this year's NFC North? Just consider what that division will look like if the Tuna retires, Washington continues to stink, and Philly and NY continue to be inconsistent. It's not that hard to imagine, is it? Furthermore, if we do come out on top of the division after playing against all of these tough teams, we'll have that much more momentum going into the playoffs.

Regardless, next season is still pretty far away. We could still technically win it all this year! (And I could win the lottery... :)