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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    "SENNA5" wrote:
    "tybrones87" wrote:
    You do know "k dope" doesn't play for us right? Do you really think coming off of a bye is a bad thing? Shaun Alexander won't be playing against us. Oh yeah his initials are SA. SA=stupid A$$
    Wow my bad on K-Dope thing it was late when i posted

    Your SA quote is a real snappy comeback what are you in 3rd grade all i said was your QB's initial are BJ thats all. anyhow the score for those who have missed it.



    Are you feeling OK after your lobotomy?

    Hope that you come back for the crow sandwich you will be eating!

    The Vikes D only scores 1 TD this week but the offense comes through and the Vikes win 24 to 16!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    "Vikings" wrote:
    I say to "Live and forget, but to win, you must remember your mistakes in the past, so that you may correct them in the future". In other words, you must forget about something big such as the loss to the Bears, but still you must keep that memory stuck in the back of your mind so that you can use what happened in the last game, and fix it.
    The point was you stated that we have 2 upcomming games with the Bears...we have, in fact, only 1.

    "Vikings" wrote:
    Stop dissing Smoot, I'm sick of people putting Smoot down. He would not be a starting CB if we didn't think he could do the job. The guy is, yes, a little inconsistant, and needs to work on his tackling (what CB doesn't other than mabye Antoine Winfield and Dunta Robinson) and probably wouldn't be that bad of a CB.
    I'll stop "dissing" Smoot once he starts playing up to the level of his contract.
    He had a good game versus Detroit, but I'm still waiting for him to be consistant.
    Until then, all we have to go on is last season....and we all know how well THAT turned out.
    Smoot was highly hyped comming in, and hasn't delivered.
    I still have high hopes for him - he has all the tools to be successful - but he has been the weak link in the secondary thus far.

    "Vikings" wrote:
    You need to read a little better in previous replies that I've made. Right in the first Post I tell you that Bobby Engram is out due to an unknown Illness. Shaun Alexander is out of this game and mabye the next two games as well due to a broken left foot.
    Ooops, missed Engram being out.
    My bad.
    I feel just horrible about it (Not really, this is one of those patronizing replies I give when people over react to posts).
    But I already stated Alexander was out.
    I said the RUNNING GAME was MIA, not Alexander.
    Everyone knows why Alexander is out.

    "Vikings" wrote:
    We will get lots of pressure on these guys. They've allowed 17 sacks this year, which will lead to poor protection for Matt Hasselbeck, he can scramble, but we have some fast players on the team, and we'll be able to stop him for few yards if not negative yards. Now they've also gotten 16 sacks of there own on defense; but we've only allowed 7 sacks on our line this year which is pretty good. They won't put to much pressure on Johnson, I could see a maximum of 4 sack allowed this game. ;D

    Jury is still out on how well our O-Line can contain Seattle's pass rush.
    Hopefully, we won't stay with the hyper-conservative play calling and hand them the game - like Arizona did with Chicago.

    I still say that if our Offense remains ineffective, we walk away 3-3.
    Our Defense should be able to stymie their Offense, so if our Offense shows up, we can steal one on the road.

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    I think the O-line better get together in the red zone Qwest is gonna be rockin. Vikes D steps up big 20-6 Minn.

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    Last week I predicted the Vikes would win 27-16 & the final was 26-17.

    This week my prediction is 20-16 Vikings.

    Seattle put up a ton of points against NYG & 21 against the Cardinals, but only mustered 9 against the Lions & 6 against the Bears who also use the Tampa 2.

    Our "D" will keep them at bay, however not out of FG range & our secondary will give up a TD.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    "Caine" wrote:

    The point was you stated that we have 2 upcomming games with the Bears...we have, in fact, only 1.
    Yeah I forgot about the other game, (like I said in my statement ;D) but really we still will most likely have to face the Bears in the playoffs with the way they're playing. :'(
    I'm stuck in Wisconson. Yet I don't care cause as long as the Vikes keep on kicking the Pack's a$$, I'll stay here to piss off the Packer fans!

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    Are the Minnesota Vikings going to give former Seahawks offensive guard Steve Hutchinson a victory to celebrate during his Seattle homecoming?


    This game is ripe for Hutchinson, who joined the Vikings as a free agent from Seattle, to show his former team how much it misses him.

    Look for the Vikings to give the Seahawks defense a steady diet of Chester Taylor, probably to the tune of 25-plus rushing attempts. The Vikings have had far better success this season when Taylor's running is the focal point of their offense. In three victories, he averaged 27 carries and 108 yards. In two losses, he averaged only 15 attempts and 49 yards. Seattle's greatest defensive vulnerability is its smallish middle, and that is likely where Taylor will do the bulk of his running -- with Hutchinson often leading the way.

    The Vikings should be able to complement their ground attack by taking some downfield shots to Marcus Robinson, who also figures to be a greater factor in the red zone, where Minnesota has been struggling.

    Minnesota's two-deep zone coverage should help prevent the Seahawks' multiple play-making wide receivers from doing too much damage. If the Vikings can control the clock on offense and succeed in keeping Darrell Jackson, Deion Branch and Nate Burleson in front of them for most of the game, they are likely to avoid a shootout. And the last thing most Seahawks opponents ever want is a shootout.

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    The vikings offense starts off the game with a long drive which ends up in a field goal

    ryan longwell kicks it to the 10 yard line seattle returns it to the 30 giving them pretty good field position

    our defense stops them

    our offense does nothing

    kluwe punts it for 30 yards

    our defense stops them....

    really though i think our team plays better as a whole this week

    vikings win 19-13

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    I say Vikes use this week to show the league they are for real.
    Vikes 24

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    big time game this week. lets see what kind of team we really are.

    i predict a win, just like everyweek
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Vikings @ Seahawks Personal Game Predictions.

    "SENNA5" wrote:
    "Slade" wrote:
    hmmm 35 points without SA? You guys couldn't even score that much vs the Rams, but against our tough D? I don't buy it. That 35-3 score is more like what the Bears handed to you. Remember, we should have beaten the Bears.
    I like the QUOTE should have beaten the Small Panda cubs but you did not anyhow... what was i thinking 35-3 i should have posted 42-0 my bad ;D

    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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