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    "Undercover Viking...

    roams Packerland" was the head line of our local newspaper today. I live in a fairly small town here in Wisconsin (about 26,000 people) and one of their reporters decided it would be funny to hopefully draw some readers by going out to local establishments in Viking gear to see what the locals would do. This reporter is a Packer fan, by the way.

    Her first stop is Micky Dees and the staff there wanted to throw coffee on her (they were only kidding of course). Her second stop was at a local bar. She was greeted with boos and "go home" types of things. Then she tells them that she is really a packer fan and that she is only trying to find out what is must be like to be a viking fan in Wisconsin. A friend of mine was there when this reporter was there and she calls me by cell phone to come down and meet a "viking fan". So I grab my viking leather jacket and head on down to meet my "friend". When I get there, I don't realise she is a reporter and I was like "hey cool, you even have the braids on"! (she was wearing a moss jersey too) They take a picture of my "friend" Kathy and me and then this reporter tells me who she really is and that she's a packer fan. I was like this... :shock:

    She told me what she was doing and I just looked at her and said "you must be desperate to sell that newspaper". Anyway, the picture that ended up on the front page was just my "friend" Kathy in her packer stuff smiling alongside that reporter.

    Her last visit was was to a local realtor whose marquee even has packer crap on it. The first comment to this reporter was "you're asking for trouble walking in here".

    In the end, she told them who she was and what she was doing. And they all made nicey, nicey, kissed and made up. She stated that she probably would never know what it was like to be a viking fan in Wisconsin since she is a packer fan at heart.

    I gotta say that this whole story got my funny bone. My husband and I have been amazed this whole week about the hype going on over here about this playoff game. I know that the Vikings haven't been playing that well lately but I gotta say that we play well enough to grab the attention of this entire state. They hate us as fans, they hate our team, and I gotta tell ya...I LOVE IT!

    SKOL VIKES!!!!

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    "Undercover Viking...

    hey, send a pic of the newspaper...or...drop me a private message...want to get a copy of that paper fed-exed to me!!

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    "Undercover Viking...

    will do, webby!

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    "Undercover Viking...

    haha at least you got in the newspaper you can pin that to a moss jersey while your walking around.

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