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    That was an ugly game.

    We barely scapped by in the Dome.

    The game was ugly. Lots of penalties. Bad officiating against both teams. Just a mess all around.

    I thought the key matchup of the game would be Viking's pass rush vs. Bear's pass protection. I thought the Bears O-Line would hold up better and Chicago would win. Truth is, Grossman was under pressure the entire game.

    Kudos to your defense. They really fouled up the Bears plans. The Vikings have a very good team and hopefully, will remain competetive for years to come.

    As many expected (though not myself) the game came down to field goals. We traded touchdowns off of turnovers, and left it up to our kickers.

    Good game and I'll see you in December.

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: That was an ugly game.

    Good game.
    I agree that there were way too many penalties on both sides of the ball.
    I enjoyed the game though, love defensive battles that marginalize the O.
    I would take that any day over a 43-31 shoot-out.
    The game in Dec. will go from a battle to a war for the division.

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    Re: That was an ugly game.

    Your a true fan for coming in and seeing what the game was.

    Even though my crow is under the broiler right at this moment, I'de like to say thanks for a hell of a game.....I don't think I missed one play today.

    Alot of games are decided at the end by one or two very important plays and how they turn out, this is the case today.
    And for the Bears, the ball went your way..

    I'm happy with alot of things I did see in Vikings today, I realize now, we are on a good path and should be a hell of a rematch later in the season with lots on the line for both of us again....

    Congrats on a hard fought battle...


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    Re: That was an ugly game.

    A bad game by everyone except the place kickers.
    BJ looked good though, but he just doesnt make big plays and the Vikings needed a big play from him in this game.

    Grossman had some nice passes and drives, though his bonehead plays nullified that.
    But you have to admire him for keeping himself in the game (at the place where he was injured) and scoring to win the game.

    Even though his numbers and his play were not what you would consider good, he showed character and was more impressive in this game.
    He could have easily buried his head in the sand.

    The Bears just have more experience winnig ugly games than the Vikings.

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    Re: That was an ugly game.

    Thanks for stopping back by.
    It was ugly.
    2 teams with 2 good defenses.
    Take care!

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